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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Nobody
Song:   Yeah Now
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah [x4]
Yeah, I spend that guap, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I fucked your thot, yeah yeah
She say I'm cute but I get that a lot, yeah yeah
Baby I'm almighty so flexing like yeah yeah

If you flexin' then just join me
But please do not disappoint me
Tryna flex up on me, you'll be disappointed
Roll up to the spot, ten pounds of that funky
I don't smoke that reggie doe
Got that 93 octane, Texico
Got some shootas out in Mexico
Pull up, get that check then go
Three thousand dollar bag, what is it inside?
Twenty G's on my True Religion pants
Don't sell that bullshit, I ain't gon' buy it
For that cash, yeah I hop up in my car outside
Catch you slippin', catch your thot outside
Tell your thot to hop up in my ride
Now we cruising gettin' high
She told me you was just lyin'