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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Nobody
Song:   Pit Stop
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I just get the money then I run with that
Run with that shit like a running back
When I catch a thot, boy I'm fuckin' that
I hit it from the back and from the side
Bitch I get top and I get guap
But that better be yo watch that don't tick tock
Pants saggin' cause in 'em is big knots
I pull up and I pull off like a pit stop

[Verse 1]
Roll around town with my big Glock
Catch a opp, he gon' get his shit broken
In that red thang, they like "Who is that?"
Yeah bitch, I went and got my shit done
Pull up in that fire truck
In that fire truck that light you up
I'm upsettin' ya
I'm irregular, machete stuff
Money flyin' everywhere, confetti stuff
All I eat is green, bitch, veggie stuff
And I don't do that lessie stuff
I pull up in famous trucks


[Verse 2]
Watch out, I'm 18 and I'm drivin' fast
Hop up in my car and then I dot a dash
I killed the dash, I drugged the dash
Bitch, whatchu mean I whipped the dash
I whip it like I'm whippin' work
My wrist look like I whip the work
Bitch you know I whip the work
I will show you how my pistol work
I felt the work and sent the work
Heavy nigga, show you how a center work
If it's bout that guap you know I'll get to work
They should've never gave a young nigga work