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Artist: Chief Keef f/ Tadoe
Album:  Nobody
Song:   Oh Lawd
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Oh lawd
Looking back then you'll be like oh lawd

Looking back then, you'll be like oh lawd
Look at me now, you'll be like oh lawd
Looking back then, you'll be like oh lawd
Look at me now, you'll be like oh lawd
That bitch seen my chain and she was like oh lawd, oh lawd
I gave her that thang and she was like oh lawd
Niggas seen my earrings and they was like oh boy, oh boy
But he know never try to rob Almighty So, boy

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Come thru killing shit, dropping shit
Or I do a hit list bitch on my Dodgers shit
Niggas steady talking about popping out
We gon' start popping shit
Nigga gon' be on that roster again
Like fuck da Feds
They mad cause a young nigga made it and got ahead
They wanna lock me up and throw away the key
That's not fair, I made it up outta there
Now I'm ridin' round totin' choppas
Ridin' round shootin' blocks up
Everybody mad cause I'm gettin' that guap up
Nothin's gonna make me stop it
Nuh-uh, no
Gettin' to my money, choppa waterfall
Give a fuck bout new cars but I don't want it all
We some Energizer bunny y'all
Even though you ain't got them
I just run up with my Glock up
I just spent 40 thousand on Balenciaga's
Baby I don't like no Prada


[Verse 2: Tadoe]
I took her to the crib, she like "oh lawd"
She never seen a mansion with glass floors
I'm stuck up in my glory, I ignore her
I got some top and kicked her out the door
I put her in the whip, she like "oh lawd"
She said she done fuckin' with lil boys
They ain't got no guap, ain't makin' no noise
She hit my dope, it knock her out like Floyd, oh lawd
For these shoes I paid bout four, oh lawd
I bought a pint and po'd a fourth
Pockets fat like ass on contour
200 on the dash in my car, oh lawd

[Verse 3: Chief Keef]
My pockets fat like the ass of Kim K, oh lawd
How I'm runnin' through this cake, oh lawd
Car I'ma drive today, oh lawd
Remember when I ain't have nothin' before
Now I can have it all
Problem is that I won't stop til I fall
Don't care bout none of y'all


Oh lawd, oh lawd