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Artist: Chief Keef f/ Kanye West
Album:  Nobody
Song:   Nobody
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chief Keef] + (Kanye West)
(If I can't fear nobody
I bet I can't just talk to them)
I don't fear nobody
I can't hear nobody
I can't see nobody
Can't compete with nobody no
(You really don't understand do you?)

[Chief Keef]
Fear nobody
Fear nobody
I brought my shotty right up in the party
No bodyguard, just see the squad and me
What's in my pockets, I brought Ben Franklins with me
What's in my house, 7,000 square feet
My bank account, I swear it's no telling
All type of amounts, just so I get spending
What's all around, fake niggas act friendly
Cause I'm on now, gotta keep it near me
Cause niggas are smile, but really befriend me
Bitches act down, but really ain't into me
They just want my count, heard I got them milli's
Can't go like that now, I'ma keep it pimpin'
Pistols all around, don't try catch me slippin'
Remember my mama used to warn me
Now I can buy her ass anything

[Chief Keef]
I don't fear no one
War time, I'm gon' give me one
Where I'm from you gotta walk 'round with your gun
But I made it out, just to get some money
(You really don't understand do you?)
Now I'm riding what I want
Fuckin' any thot I want
I be buying any thing I want
Remember when I was broke
(You really don't understand do you?)
They thought I was a joke
(You really don't understand do you?)
That money, I was so in love with you
Til' I die, I'ma sing to you
Cause I love you, I wanna be with you
(You really don't understand do you?)