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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Where Is Waldo
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
Done nigga, done nigga, you're done nigga
You're done nigga, you're done, you're done
You're done nigga

Niggas think this Swisha Sweet
I got niggas that come through shootin'
Shootin' at you, where your crew? Where your guwap?
Where's your loot
You don’t get this shit back
I advice your ass to get back
Your ass can get wacked
With this click-clack
I'm the man around this bitch man
Check on my wrist watch
Check on my necklace
Check on my bitches
Hoes call my phone though
Knock knock, it's money at my front door
Then I pull up in the black thing
The kids like oh where Waldo at

Finna hit Wells Fargo
Pick up about four
Oh comma
Triple zero
I'm bout my Dinero like Robert Deniro
Being real ain't hard, shit so simple
Doing this shit ain't hard, this shit so simple
I don't like niggas comin' through, bust a niggas pimple
All this choppa click clack gla gla
Nigga do the limbo
I’m a king, I’m a lion, check out my sign I’m a symbol
Pull up on your block bow bow bow bow
Now we running from the damn folks
Bitch it’s Glo Gang and 06406 are my kinfolks
Pull up to the show in bout 10 cars now we shootin' up your damn limo
I remember Spinning up steamers and runnin' from the cops in a rental


I'm the man around this bitch baby
Or should I call you little lady
I'll call your ass bitch though, cause I'm so crazy
This nigga think he gone play me
Shoot dice, let your ho fade me
Blood gang I’m so brazy [?]
Pistol to a lil nigga forehead
Call up money, she so fine, she be in my pocket
She in my wallet, she at my shows, she at my concerts
She buy me shoes and she buy me ganja
She buy me guns, she bought my watch
She bought my necklace, she bought my ice
She bought everything I own
She bought my house, she bought my life
Niggas want war? Then aite
We don’t pop out, bitch we slide
Hop in the cars then ride
Pull up on an op block, blast his ass inside
I be like okay, okay, okay
Say hello to my lil thang
The lil thang got 100 in the thang 1 in the chamber
Stoppin' traffic, switchin' lanes

Gang gang gang, nigga
Bang bang bang, nigga
Bang bang bang, nigga