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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Sets
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sosa why you walking like that
Cause the check nigga
Why your bitch walking like that
Cause of sex nigga
Told your bitch I'd call her right back
Cause I text nigga
Boy you ain't no wolverine
These rugers Luther Lex nigga
Put these TECs to your chest nigga flex nigga
Pull up in that M thing whats up with that nigga
I'm a young nigga fucking facts nigga
Gangbanging wildin' throwing sets nigga

I can't lose bitch I'm so used to winning
All I do is keep it real while you pretending
The same car I drive for free why don't you just rent it
Pull up in that ADHD Down syndrome my toolie spitting
He truly blessed, truly with it
Me and the gang in my shows, no security with me
I fucked your bitch, ooh she didn't
We came through shooting, ooh he didn't
I swear I go so loony with it
[?] a hundred and the toolie's fifty
Hundred hoes keep calling my phone, stupid bitches
I fly with fishes and smoke with pigeons?


Wildin' in the club with my guys
A nigga act hot he get fried
He say he beef with Sosa he's a lie
The only thing I beef with me is my pot
I counting money you ain't got no life
You ain't got no green, you ain't got no rice
And my old ho went and throw money like it's rice
Got a Glock 40 on me don't get light this pipe
Got a two million dollar [?] right now
I'm two hours late I was supposed to be there at five
I get that money and I be quiet yeah I'm quiet
In the mall buying shit when I walk out I hear sirens