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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Homie
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Bitch, I got the SIG on me, I got the big on me
And I got the pump, get a swig, homie
You dig, homie, did you hear, homie?
If you dig, put these pistols to your ear, homie
Yeah, homie, shoot for a year, homie
You think you fly? We shooting down your lil homie
Yeah, homie, I love my bricks, I swear, homie
Try to take it, nigga, I dare, homie

Call Johnny Dang up, I need some bling
Remember when I ain't have shit, know I can have anything
You see me in traffic, I be speeding
Now the cops behind me, they don't want anything
Rolling with the goon on the way to the loot
Remember posting on 0-6-2 with rocks all in my shoes
Bitch, I cook the coop, this ain't nothing new
You ain't know, I'm off the wall, I thought you knew
My daughter is 2, my son name is Krüe
If they know you ain't got money, they will laugh at you
Pull up with my shooters, they shoot, I say who
Niggas can't act foolish, they know how they do


Smoke a nigga like a one hunnid
This a gun holder a one hunnid
You can hold 'bout one somethin'
You act like you on somethin'
You call my phone, you want somethin'?
You call my phone, you got money?
I got rap money, rock money
Got some weed and a Glock on me
Bullets we can swap, come through like a SWAT, homie
Your town is running out of the goddamn clock, homie
I'm from Chiraq, got these white socks on me
Got the semis in the cut, keep something slight on me