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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Feds Intro
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Hit a nigga up I don't give a fuck
I'mma smoke tooka 'til I lose it
Hit a nigga with this mothafuckin' Uzi
Leave a nigga mothafuckin' clueless
Take a Swisher blunt and fill it up
I can't hear the noise cause that's how I do it
Smoking sticky weed cause that's how I grew it
Four wheel drive nigga how I flew it
Up this choppa then hit you up
Then pick you up that bitch lift you up
I dropped some racks and I picked it up
Ballin', take the ball and kick it up
Pull on your block with a lot of guns
Let off a lot of shots now it's red nigga
Ain't no yellow tape it's red nigga
Still watching out for the feds nigga

Hit a nigga up I don't give a fuck
I'll do drugs 'til I'm dead nigga
Middle fingers nigga no lead nigga
Then get shots to the head nigga
Come through spark when I can nigga
Start running hope yo pussy ass gets winded nigga
There's a gun tucked in my unders and up this bitch thunder
I'ma chase your ass while you running
Smoking sticky pack stinky onion
I come though and I'm stunting
I'm always fresh like I'm going to a luncheon
Spent twenty bands today, got twenty bands this morning
I'm in London with Kanye and we smoking on that chronic
For him throw your ass in a lake
These bullets have your pussy ass running
I wonder, I wonder why these fuck niggas be stunting
That role you ain't even got to play
I know your pussy ass watching


Lil' Fufu ass where they do that at
Where who be at where you be at
Pull up on a nigga block where foolie at
Catch your ass nigga where your toolie at
I'm high bitch like Cooly ass
You ain't making no hits yo bootie ass
Come through with my guns and they loonie ass
Shooting at any nigga goofy ass
My cuckoo ass came through with a mac
My Zoes come through and put a tool on your ass
You got a lil dash, I got two in the dash
Rich fuck nigga gon' lose his gas
Got my jewels in the coup and the goo with the loop
We be the goo when the goo in the bag
Moving the crews and I'm moving the loot
Whip pistols, catch you, it's a trap
Never like it nigga know how I move
With tools a gang a crew and goo
Running them hoes get it back them Rolls
I loop I loop I loop I loop
I don't give a fuck I run my shooters
They shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot
R.I.P BL double O D soo woo, soo woo, soo woo, soo woo