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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Cuz
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sosa on the beat [x2]

Car color soo woo
Seats same color crip
I'mma do me or do you
Cuz I got the stank on my hip
Baby I'm a fuckin' loose screw
Cuz I used to hang on the deck
All these fuckin' niggas fufu
I'm flashin' from my chain to my wrist

I'm smokin' on that fuckin' TuTu
With a fuckin' bang on my hip
Walk up on me, I do you
Ain't shit change over here
But my address and my jewels
All I do is blang over here
All the rims on the truck are [?]
All I do is switch lanes over here
Hop up in that fuckin' soo woo
Then I go and hang with the crips
Hop up in that fuckin' Blue's Clues
But bitches blood gang over here


Bang with the gang, gang bang gang
All I do is blang, look at my wrist Big Tymer's bling bling
I done named my son your highness, bitch that's a young king nigga
Pull up in that thing, what's her name
Trunk go wang wang, gang gang
Caught you at the light, that gun go bang bang, bang bang
Pull up in that ride in the left lane lane, lane lane
Baby I'mma fire on that flames flames, flames flames
All I do is get higher bitch I'm coolin' with the rain rain
Chopper bullets make 'em rain, rain
Pull up in that all red gang 'stang
All with that money up in my veins gang
Best to stay in back cuz you can't hang with gang