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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Back From the Dead 2 (Mixtape)
Song:   Cashin
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Sosa on the beat
Know I'm rockin', man
I call it starter money
Keep kush in my pockets, all designer
Ay, bang bang, Sosa baby, GBE baby, ay ay ay ayy

When it's ugly, I bring that gat wit'
I up this motherfucker ain't with that shit
You be smokin' dirty, I smoke that cat piss
I kill a track, kill a beat on black shit
Niggas actin' funny, but I ain't laughin'
I pull up, pull up, pull up, it's a tragic
Cause I ain't buy her none, she think I ain't got shit
I walk up in the mall straight cashin'

She said she love me, whatever that is
Baby, you ain't love me cause I'm cashin'
I walk up in the mall, and I buy shit
No, baby, I don't look at tags and
I hop up in my 'Rari, now I'm ridin'
Doin' 80 past a cop, straight laughin' (HaHa)
Ridin' in that "Oo, that bitch nasty"
I'm a NASCAR driver, it's a passion
I up this fuckin' uzi and blast it
Keep on laughin', you gon' get yo' ass hit
I swear I be on that new lick, fuck last year
Red dot up on the toolie it be the mac-10 (Ball ball ballll)


I walk up in the bank straight laughin'
I walk out the bank with bags like cashin'
Hop up in my 'Rari, I pass your thot
I seen her walkin', told her "Hop in the 'Rari" (THOTTY)
Baby I'm a pimp, straight Cadillac shit
I get money straight out the ass shit
Life's a box of chocolate, not Nesquik
I'm quick to shoot, pussy get your ass hit
Baby girl, I'm smooth, somethin' like satin
Come through, wipe a nigga block down straight waxin'
Bought a house with a pool, and I got in
I don't need no security, I got it