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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Bang Part Two (Mixtape)
Song:   No It Don't
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

No it don't
Bitch no it don't
No it don't [x3]

Do a 30 coming ass out 9 no it don't
You say your Rollie tick you lying bitch no it don't
You think your car go faster than mine no it don't
They like sosa you know the time bitch you know it though
No it don't
Bitch no it don't [x3]

He said when he see me he gon', blast but I know he won't
I'll leave him in the past, that's what he want
You say you getting cash, but I know you don't
Glo Gang fuckin' on thots, getting guap that's what we on
I ain't worried about you bitch nigga I got my shooters
I pay they ass 5K every friday they won't hesitate to shoot you
I don't need any 1's on 2's bitch but I don't eat no sushi
I just wan't to skeet in yo mouth bitch eat it like some food please
I don't wan't no coochi don't make me find my mood please
You say I act mean bitch you know I don't, no we can't go to the movies
No I don't know you B smokin' Keisha getting top by Susie
... Jojo... she give daddy...