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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Almighty So (Mixtape)
Song:   Yesterday
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Let a nigga, gats go bang

I'm fuckin' on these hoes, I'm swaggin' on these hoes
Let a nigga try me gat is gonna blow
I'm nuttin' on these hoes, splashin' on these hoes
Pull off in that 'rari, draggin' on these hoes
You gotta know me though, my gat is on me though
And I'm still off these blunts from yesterday
Shoot a nigga in the ass for today and yesterday

Yesterday, yesterday
Bitch wanna fuck me, lets see what my schedule say
She a dumb thottie, I met her yesterday
Yellow kind of dope and it's smellin' great
I bought that yesterday, yesterday
Had she been gone, I smoke that yesterday
I remember posted on front street sellin' that ya
I remember that shit like it was yesterday
Yesterday, yesterday