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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Almighty So (Mixtape)
Song:   Salty
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I get gwop now that bitch remember me
I send shots now them niggas hearing me
Step out the cut smoking like a chimney
I got all these racks on me now she feeling me
She salty [x8]

100 thousand for my car keys, million dollar house keys
She only wanna talk to me cause her boyfriend not me
I'm smoking on broccoli cause it's healthy for me
Plus I'm getting alot of money, I ain't never hungry
Guns mask black opps scream, a nigga try to rob me
If a nigga try to rob, he gonna be salty
Guns spraying like Oil Sheen
Hollows get a nigga off me
Make me feel like pac me all eyes on me
Ho's mouth drop when I ride pass cause my truck cost a lam
See this ice on my wrist and never when the lights go off like damn
Ballin' so damn so hard I tried to slam dunk and I broke the rim
Coughin' so damn hard put 3 grams in a blunt then I broke it down
Million dollar house keys, get the fuck off me
Damn almighty cause I know you feel salty
Now I only speak gwopanese, play that bitch like the lottery
You could act like you ain't salty, that shit don't bother me