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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Almighty So (Mixtape)
Song:   In Love With the Gwop
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Girl you is my baby girl you is my baby
I gotta smoke some weed cause girl you drive me crazy
Man I wish a nigga try to take it
30 shots all to his brain yeah
Cause I'm in love with the gwop [x9]

I'm in love with ya gwuap [x2]
Let a nigga try to take it better come with his Glock
Better have 30 shots cause I got a 50 shot
And this motherfuckin Glock let it motherfuckin pop
Like bop bop bop at a opp or opp thot
Let any opp try me bet any opp drop
I don't care bout no thot I don't play bout my gwuap
And I pray that she don't leave me cause I fuck her off alot
Member posted on the block running from them cops
Rocks in my socks Glock on my hip
Now I'm a young rich nigga named sosa baby
I love the gwuap like I love kaykay