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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Almighty So (Mixtape)
Song:   Ape Shit
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yea, me and my nigga - the Almighty SO
See ya'll fuck niggas out there perpetrate balling
Actin like ya'll getting some money or something

Damn damn damn
I've been all the way for real nigga
Damn damn damn damn damn damn
You throw them trash bags around, you feel me?
It's the Almighty SO
Damn damn damn damn damn damn
It's the DJ Scream nigga
Ayo Sosa go Ape Shit on the niggas

Remember sellin blows at my grandma house
Now I got enough my nigga, gra grandma house
Try to rob me, I'm a pull that Nina out
If you stand is so the club stick it up
You lil mickey mouse, don't be snitchin now
'Cause I'll send my hitters to come trace you down
Nina toat a dildo, and she'll dick you down
It say with the Glo, put em in a clouds
I'm thirsty shit feelin itchy though
Let me catch a nigga, get this nigga down
I was totin 50, now I'm pimpin up
I need to bust them messes enough

Go ape shit, go ape shit
Don't make us pull the guns on rotation
Nina let me down and oh baby
We're pulling out them choopas like the Haitians
Like the 80s, I'm going crazy
All this guwop, all these foreigns baby
Lot of shots in all these guns baby
I know you wanna have my son, baby