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Artist: Chico & Coolwadda f/ Kurupt, Defari and Juice
Album:  Wild 'N Tha West
Song:   Wild 'N Tha West
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I thank, so if I don't your considered slippin
Then I gots to get you even if we aint trippin
Fuck that nigga who aint Wadda try to certify
Got love for Chico anybody else we do not vibe
I think niggas try to flip the old school shit too much
I think I put there like ?? with a nice touch
I think emcees with no flavor should stop rappin
I think some sampling is cool if fools aint yappin
Man that's it about it, I don't wanna hear shit about it
Plus I think when this shit drops niggas gon' get about it
Hip Hop is too crowded
And I'm on in the tip of the stage slappin hands in the front row tight
Hittin blunt rolled tight, y'all swing 'em left to right
If ya feelin it
Don't even talk about this verse, just say I'm killin it
What chou think about that? It's just a thought, thought
I think flava to this whole shit is what we brought

See I've been thinkin all these bitch niggas need to quit it
And quick to speak on it niggas aint never get it
Rhyme reported Chico the Chipper put it in order
What the fuck they run? Nuttin but they bath water
Last quarter, less than ten ticks
Standin at the line can't you feel this shit and bricks
Brickin like a busta
Cus you sour like lemon custard, don't trust ya
Nigga shoulda been rushed off the stage
Feelin nutty then bust a gauge
Cut like spades, blowin back out like hand grenades
Ya ?? bleeding
Now you in church, four days later obituary reading
Test me, lets see am I hard like I claim to be
Stomach scarred from the gang activity
Just a memory he did and I wont get caught
Let it be known “fuck 'em” that's my thought

The average man fragile, handle with care
On the contraire me, I'm a golden state bear
Dump a flare in the air
Two shot from the glocks
Style I got, karate chop through a concrete block
Chop the tree in the amount for the blunt
Those are what niggas smoke out of where I come from
Hit hard blinds eye blit you Bret Favre
RIP Derrick Thomas promised to work hard
And hold it down like a big hog
Cool cats run with big dogs
Blacks fall victims to the White man's laws
Aint nuttin new under the sun
But you never heard Defari's version of how the West was won
Two smoking mikes instead of guns
My tongue way a ton
They all want advice, you I got some
So many rap critics think they can spit it
Don't touch a mic if you aint tight and that's on Likwit

I feel great hookin up the ill state in killa Cali
I'm about to make these muthafuckas feel a valley
Parallel Kurupt and Defari lie
Without a deal, you should see the type of car I drive
With mista Chico the Chipper and Juice on the Glove beat
See this where the hip hoppers and the thugs meat
For you to drop a dope 16 joints
I'd have to lower my IQ a whole 15 points
I'm a Prozac gangsta, I sold crack thanks ta
My niggas I'm able to control whack prankstas
Exquisite, I freestyle I love it and I live it
Ask my niggas Tash and J-Ro, can I Xzibit?
I almost died on the bumpy plane ride
So now Cali Chronic well it got my brains fried
And if you muthafuckas want beef, well let my crew know
I draw four on ya like a nigga playin Uno

Posted up with the homies big Chi (What up Chico?)
Big bolla, exquisite, heat seek, dentin niggas physics
I'm Cold Iron Stone, cold and scone, the Magma Emcee
Stone Cold Gotti
Me and big Chico from the hood go back in like sugar Shawn Stacey's
'Llacs and cocker sacks
Golf hats and thunder domes
59th Ave. and Horseman and thunder rolls
Ya life's a gimic (gimic) I shift and spit poetical epidemics
Missin disorder, poetically sniping in alphabetical order
Alphabetical slaughter, bomb by the quarters
Shell senda (yeah nigga)
Blair witch from senda
I'm Alexander the Great 38
Teflon Milan
Projectile, pterodactyl
Airborne swoopin over the crowd
Kurupt nigga

[Hook] (4x)
It's wild 'n tha west, wild 'n tha west
Teflon blast through your vest with your chest
If you go down bang hard on the west
We could spit round see it's wild 'n tha west

Uhh yeah
That's that parralel shit right there
Nigga, all you mutha fuckas
Thought niggas was playin
Nigga, we aint playin