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Artist: Chi-Ali
Album:  The Fabulous Chi-Ali
Song:   Funky Lemonade
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  "Cool in the shade, drink a little bit of lemonade" (Scratched 4x)

Step on up to my lemonade stand
And, demand the elixer that's grand
Some skunk punk wanted to flow and flam
Me Chi-Ali, I belive I'm the man
You're looking for, and I got more in store
Due to the fact that I got rhymes galore
Shut up, take a drink then think
Why so many MC's stink, but I sink them at the blink
Of an eye, suckers they try and try
But they can't get by, their access is denied
Watch your head cause ???
(Why?) I'm that type of guy
Who rips the proms, stomps the comp
Biting MC's try to take a chomp
But when you bite it feels just like a fool
To bite another man's rhyme, you ain't cool
So remember the rhyme when you leave the bar stool
Pay for the lemonade or I'll wet ya like a pool

  "Cool in the shade, drink a little bit of lemonade" (Scratched 2x)

Lemonade can either be sweet or tart
I can be nice or I can rip you apart
So act like 99 and get smart
I'm Picasso and rap is an art
Everybody is amazed with Chi-Ali
Because I'm 14 and my girl's 23
Everybody knows I am a lady's dream
And MC's know that I'm a a microphone fiend
But step back quickly before you get me
Upset, better yet, back up and then jet
Don't come near me, I know you fear me
Because my rhymes are dope and I'll say them clearly
I rock any type type of style, you know Chi
Will rock any type a type of style
Sit relax as you watch me get paid
Take another sip of this funky lemonade

  "Cool in the shade, drink a little bit of lemonade" (Scratched 4x)

Now you know the flavor since I just ripped
So step right up, and take a sip
You're guaranteed to like it, it'll make you feel better
Give you're girl a taste and she's bound to get wetter
Now if you have a taste of this potent cute
And suddenly you realize you can't produce
Don't give up, you still have a shot
Just don't leave the lemonade spot
Move out of the sun, and into the shade
And take another sip of this funky lemonade

Step on up to this line, ladies, fellas, everybody
Wassup man?  (Let me get a drink)
Aiight, here you go, where's my money?
Man wait chill, layaway? You gotta go to the back of the line
With that layaway, I need cash money

	*talking continues, Dres says something in there*