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Artist: Chi-Ali
Album:  The Fabulous Chi-Ali
Song:   Age Ain't Nothing But a #
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Chorus: KRS-One sample

"Girls look soooo good, but their brain is not ready, I don't knoooow
I'd rather talk to a woman because her mind is so steady, so here we go"

Little girlie listen to me, stop giggling and kissing to me
Try to refrain from playing the childish games
And from your notebooks please erase my name
Kill the love letters, cause yo, you're living lame
I'm making records, my head didn't go swell
Chi-Ali is just too advanced for show and tell
Don't get offended, there's no need for insecurity
Age is but a number, it's all about maturity
So don't think I'm dissing, I'm educating
Until I think you're ready, I'm waiting
But now I reach ya like a book I must delve
Boyfriend after boyfriend and you're not even twelve
Bought your brush, you don't need to debate
Honey save yourself for Chi and I'll be worth that wait
Two or three years, don't be pressured by your peers
Surrender and you'd better be prepared to shed tears
Remember mom and the things you learned about
Cause I don't need a girl that's 14 and burnt out
Take my advice, think twice
In order to be with Chi-Ali you have to pay the price
Of being older, mature, a woman I'll endure
And if you try and diss me, I'll play you for sure
In four or five years or more
But for now, remember, that the

Chorus x2

Walking down the street and I saw this honey
She was dipped, the opposite of bummy
I stepped to her, I said "Yo you look swell"
Give me your number, you have a man, I won't tell
It really don't matter cause to me it means nothing
Next time I'm feeling rough, I'll just snuff him
Anyway, how old are you G?
13, I'm Audi
The girl said, "Hold up, who you think you are?"
I said, "I'm Chi-Ali, a superstar"
She said, "I may be young but don't be mislead
With this dope body you'll choose me instead"
I said, "Don't get me wrong, your body may be ready
But come back in three years when your mind is more steady
I'm not trying to diss you, I'm just trying to blow up"
But do me a favor, hon, and grow up, cause the

Chorus x2

Downtown the Village, I see this fly cutie
Crazy thick, freshy dipped, with a fat doobie
I didn't waste time to kick my game
I stepped to her, I showed no shame
I said, "How you doing? My name's Chi-Ali"
She said, "Yeah, you're the one from TV"
I said, "Yeah forget that, give me your name and number"
She said, "Chill, maybe if I was younger"
I said, "How old are you?" She said, "17"
I said, "So what? I could get inbetween"
She asked my age, I said "Is that what you wonder?"
Don't sweat that Chi, cause age is just a number
It's all where your head is at, and I'm mature
Do I have money? Of course, I'm doing tours
So stay out of my pocket and everything will be splendid
I make my money, so I will spend it
Damn, I thought with you I could go steady
But now I see that your mind is not ready
Your body says "woman" one of the flyest in the world
But mentally, you're just a little girl

Chorus x2