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Artist: Charli Baltimore f/ Mobb Deep
Album:  Ice
Song:   Where It's At
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What, what
Uh, uh
What, uh

What, yeah
Uh, yo
Yo, what
Yo, uh
Yo, uh

Say Mobb Deep, niggas go sorry
Niggas might rob me
See these niggas that go with car figures
Papers dial mine, clothes custom figure
Matchin' Jon Gotti to roll through customs nigga
Roll the custom built shit, I bust them clips
Niggas trust my lips, while they suck they dicks
Plus the Kiss be the Long Goodnight
Murderous bitch be the wrong in spiked-typed
Price right, be that song, the right type
But only if Havoc and P spittin' wit' me
And they say they gon' see that C.B. nice wit' it
Hinnesy and Rimmy, and give me some ice wit' it
Shake down, niggas'll throw some dice in it
Put your Money on Chuck or in 9-9, you're fucked
Try your luck, stress this red-head
I mix blood in my dye, like my faily ties

[Chorus: Havoc & Charli]
When you in the mix with this shit
Skin and bones, nothing but the fists
Do your hard beat, rapper lay a bid
Other dogs posted up over here

Niggas fuckin' up, where my niggas at huh?
Niggas be frontin', where my niggas at what?
Yo they don't want it
This is live nigga rap
Scared getta gat but if not, it's cool
Cause right here is where it's at

Yo, when I foul out on lab mouse
One nut and I'm out
Ain't tryin' to stick around, let a nigga catch me out of bound
Don't give a fuck about a rumor
Know how I get down
Let my man's do it, he gots to right to it
Known Jay come through the door, still like they "Who this?"
Don't got beef, but got niggas, serious ones
Make sure a nigga here, plus lasted wars
And stay countin' all that cash when I'm fuckin' wit' 'Un'
Fuck around with my funds, got a bring a gun
Please don't make me have to puncture ya lungs

[Ty Nitty]
Cause we the ones rockin' 'em, the ones toppin' 'em
Gold bars unpredictable, like Mystikal and Shock and 'em
We heavenly like BIG, Pac and them
Mobb Deep and Charli Baltimore, who's coppin' 'em
Who's lockin' 'em, who's hotter then them
It's like a dice game and Crack Tito totterin' them


Yo, all and together we gon' rush the front door
Get at them
They dumpin' our songs, so now it's on
Infamous, my niggas pop clips to this
And fight to it
Niggas respect it, it's like we magnetic
It's like the last thing you want is drama
Go at the girls, have a good time, don't make it a problem
While we pop bottles of Mo'
Burn down bottles of 'dro
Smack that ass of models and ho's
Rappin', all ya'll some rag old bunnies
Ready to jump off
I'm on the side fondlin' this Marcy
Black Barbie doll, Q.B. bitches ready to brawl
Charli Baltimore payin' dues, got it 'em balled
At the bar slashin' bitches
Over some niggas
From a Wayne cell, we stuff back in '96
Spaid like... swallow the Gin, we musclin' in
Play ya par kid, don't be a talkative Marvin