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Artist: Chamillionaire f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  Ultimate Victory
Song:   Rocky Road
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* album is censored - edited words are in {brackets}
[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
The rain is fallin and the weather is cold
Don't know which way to go but I continue to roll
The rainfall is really takin a toll
On my mind and my body and on my spirit and soul
The rain's fallin but I'm keepin a hold
On the light cause I know that I could spin out of control
I know (know) I know (know) I knowwww
This is gonna be one rocky road
Uhh, what part of the voyage is this? Friendship and business don't mix
With anyone else it's just business, with friends I'm personally pissed
Is this a curse or a gift? Guess I was blessed with my wish
Don't tell me that you feel my pain that I seen, it's best that we switch
You take the fortune and fame and see if it's what you expected
Take the money and change and be careful where you invest it
Just take the test and don't stress it, you get stopped by a detective
Tryin to get in your personal life, gotta do your best to protect it
The answer rests in the message, when I go I go in a blaze
But it won't be no Captain Save 'Em cause where I'm goin you saved
Tryin to rain down on my parade 'til that umbrella get raised
They thinkin that they can read me when they ain't nowhere my page
Tryin to keep a smile on my face, even at times when I engage
in business conversations with people I know are snakes
It's like it's a piece of cake, part of the icing is venom
Spend a lifetime tryin to bring me down, but I just ain't gonna let 'em
You better tell 'em
Uhh, I'm back and forth and I'm pacin, bein more patient than patients
Tryin to wait for the good news to show up but I'm unfortunately waitin
Gotta be group participation if it's in the courts that we makin
I was unfortunately done and she was unfortunately fakin
Cause the only sexual spark is the spark he got for the dough
They say 'til death do us part but that part is where she says no
There are too many emotions, emotions like pins and needles
Actin like emotions are evil like showin love is illegal
I thought that it was a eagle but I seen this vulture befo'
He thinks this is where I'll stop cause he sees that I'm walkin slow
But no I think you should know that soon as I get where I go
You'll remember the fact that I had a purpose for sho'
I hope you know where you're goin, I hope you know that today
On the side of the road you gon' see a whole lot of snakes
When the bad weather comes to rain down on your parade
Just raise up your umbrella and try to keep goin straight
And keep on goin
[Devin the Dude]
This road has many curves, many bumps and potholes
It can even take you through a loop if you ain't got yo'
{shit} together, unpredictable weather could leave you
dehydrated, frostbitten, washed away or either
ran over by heavy traffic, watch where you roam
Cause, it's a challenge just tryin to make it home
But, still I walk, I keep my pace, I keep my stride
Would hitchhike but there's too much pride
I must find a narrow path so I can walk and laugh out loud
Choir sing without bein judged by the crowd
Maybe someday I could just fly away but for now
I just beat my feet and get there someway, somehow
And, mile after mile after mile I'll smile
Keepin my head up even though rain's pourin down
And the road gets rough and the journey is long
I might get tired but I must move on
Most of our heroes are locked up, diseased, or deceased
You could never really feel remorse until somebody restin in peace
You measure the best by success and ain't impressed by nothin less
Only time we say we wanna change is when we ain't got no change left
Only time we call on God is when there is nobody else to call
Keep stumblin over the same roadblock that just made you fall
We always gotta wait 'til somethin happen before we start reactin
We at war with ourselves, how much longer are we gon' be attackin?
{*rainfall and thunder fades out*}