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Artist: C.H.A.D. The Change
Album:  The Introduction: Cresendo
Song:   Trillism
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Gotta hard soul from the hard roads
Been there sent there been scared
Had heart sent fears into thin air
No concern wit the wrist wear or the rim glare
Just um gimme my niggas
And I'm in there like swimwear
When the sun blazin
What some would call Cajun
I'm no Caucasian
But when I'm all caged in
I do lung cavin
Dumpin and gun blasin
Die from direct effect I bet you wish they was abraisions
Wit the cuatro cinco
Stain ya leather stainless beretta change ya weather
You can call me El Nino
For all those that don't know though
Black love is the logo
By my dolo wit the 44 call me loco
If you want ho but its rough so I got protection
It's tough and harder than when I got an erection
In the meantime there are mean guys
That mean mug ya clean ride
Wit thoughts of takin ya shit and never given it back
See what I mean by
Watchin all the
Keen eyes like a feline
Real wise so I realize
The thin line between real guys and muthafuckin real lies
So when I see them thoughts
I revise 'em and spill guys
Minds on the pavement
For mines thats yo payment
Why cuz opportunity cost
Bang bang brain hang lane change and I'm oughta there
Ghost man wit the toast man wit the loc's and I'm without care
Cuz as soon as ya mean right and as soon as yo mean's is right
They make ya wanna do wrong
But see I aint the bark mean type
Dawg I gotta mean bite
Beware sign better move on
And live life get it right