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Artist: C.H.A.D. The Change
Album:  The Introduction: Cresendo
Song:   Take a Look
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Take a gander have a look
Inside my book
My auto bio from fool to pharoah the title
Real revolutionary like Stokely Carmicheal
Not that fake shit like Cinco De Mayo
Off rip as a lickle child
Heart of a lion
In fact yappin ya piehole
I'd crack ya back like a chiro-
Practer break or fracture not an actor never got a line
Had mo stripes than some zebras rockin a-di-das
Got a dime nada gotta chop dime potna
Try to drop a dime pop 'em I had drive off outerdrive
Long johns hand me downs and noddles ramen
Rock bottom bottom line from bottom I climbed
What I devised in the mirror I despised
Headed for my own demise original planned revised
Divine by design strayed but now I'm back on line
Better than picked outta line or even gettin out on bond
Lotta crime outta line I apologize
Lifetime opposite of Al B. Sure but I'll be fine
One wave of baton outta space outta mind
Tryna change the world one way at a time
One is rhyme
Rhyme-a-don (Ramadan)
Spiritually cleanse from within fuck that swine
Though I'm not an Islam
Proly cuz Arabics were the first African capturers
Rape slaughter massacre that occurred pass the word
And still happens to this day but hey
Niggas gettin slayed yet you look the other way
People gone be people for 'em all I do is pray
And or peel and I will if ever I feel
Similar to Samuel in that movie time to kill
The real spill
This is not a drill
Deep water no gills
I am like fish
Camera man like fisherman
I'm gettin reeled
However I'm hardly thrilled
Fame game lame dames bunch of Holyfield's
Brains grey give they graves bunch of daffodils
I'm gettin chills
Cold world
Minus Fayettville
Minus the windshield
Cold world
Minus Fayettville
Minus the


I'm wondering free
Just living in a dream
Everyday that goes by
It's the same ol thing
I'm like a captain on a ship
With the no certain course
On a run on a power pack
Baby your the source
If you would take a good look
Between the lines
Two could see the vision inside my mind