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Artist: C.H.A.D. The Change
Album:  The Introduction: Cresendo
Song:   Epic
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Crime sinister's
Multiply wonder why
Cuz of corruption of prime ministers
When analyzin the lies of the ministers
Political positioners
I see the striking resemblance of foul prisoners
Closin eyes of the visionaries and ears of the listeners
Trash mimicers get in they ass like enemas
Hailin from the peninsula
Called Michigan
The murder cappy thats if you ask where I get it from
I'm in my prime
Feelin like optimus prime
Tryna save mankind from deceptive cons
Stay optimistically logical a-bout conquering obstacles
make impossible probable
I'm full throttle cuz stop is not even optional block it out of my optical's
Ask about me you gotta know
Homie I'm all about optimizin colossal growth
Prophesying the bible quotes
Strategizin methodical,ly
About healin the world I'm the human hospital
In the name of the honorable
Nigga aint nothin comical
About the conditions we live in if one fall we just dominoes
Destined to crash and burn
When will we learn if ever
To be wise in every endeavor
Once heard some words that birds
Of a feather flock together could be better
Under the weather cuz of the weather
The earth is hurt its her
Lonely vendetta so instead of makin sweaters maybe we should treat her better
Take blinds from our eyes realize true treasures
The black gold the blue platinum the clear diamond
Thats oil water wind nigga where do I begin
Searchin for some purity within all these sins
Defendin all my friends with the fins and the hens in the pen
You do trends I ascend were different
Poppin for paparazzi
Naw not my posse
Glory for the niggas you killin what is you a nazi
I sacrifice my body nigga call me kamikaze
Nigga better yet God-body nigga why cuz God got me