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Artist: C.H.A.D. The Change f/ Mos Def
Album:  The Introduction: Cresendo
Song:   Don't Look Down
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Some hate ta see
Those that make it from a place that make the town thats made of peace
Look like it was make believe
Those the ones I'd hate to be
Yet I awaited patiently
To break away and thankfully
I'm better than you could maybelline (make up)
Now they vapor breathe
And envy
Wit it faithfully
Slow no
I don't brake my speed
Do pet peeves
You will pay a fee
Make them fakers flee
They lucky
I don't make 'em bleed
I hit knees
And I pray for the
As I chase dreams
While I'm makin cheese
While I take the seeds
And fertilize all the young minds that been colonized
We will take and breed the brains they cage and make 'em free
Mental chains get ta breakin these
Worse ones is invisible and individual naw
not the literal physical slavery that they perceive
All of the shit that we hate ta see
They glorify it on pay per v
Then notarize
it on paper sheet
And more than lie just make a fee
So I cant proceed
Til we fill all the vacancies
Where the real were replaced wit the
Fake ones in a race to see
Our race to be erased wit ease
From great disease from a ta z
Thats plaguin our people presently
Or back in the fields wit them pasty thieves
Tryna hang on
Our people I peep I'm like hang on
I'm eager to equal the pain so
I d. eagle the evil I bang on
Correct or don't come again
Cuz I give a fuck bout ya cheddar mane
Or who it is you think you betta than
I been done put you in a shredder thang
I think you in debted forever so
Ay nigga show some respect or getcha brain
Feelin paralyzed leavin needin cane
Or some medicaid man aint that a shame
And you know this
Naive niggas never notice
Its like we under some hypnosis
That keeps us doin all this ho shit
Man I'm guessin I suppose its
A part of plan thats the start of
the end
Put ya wings in the sky let 'em part with the wind
Playa keep it ford nigga focus


Don't look down
It's an impossible view
Fly like an eagle
Whatever you do
Dont look down
Its an impossible view
Spead ya wings