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Artist: Ceschi
Album:  They Hate Francisco False
Song:   All of Us
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one of us in here
better make it clear
what is happening
because a vacant stare
isn't going anywhere
and we're still gonna be floating in hazy air
I just hope that you know
that it's never gonna faze me dear
when those rays of the sun appear
as a funnel of glare
I'll be ready for the final road to nowhere
have no fear
of the sandman
when he comes for your body in the night
wipe those tears
from your pillow
when you know that I'm getting ready for my last flight
this is only life
this is only once
this is only me
please believe
in something greater than what you can see
this disease
wont faze me
so don't ever make a martyr out of me
my heart will beat
in your eardrums
even when I'm buried six feet deep

all of us will go through this some day
it's coming
so please know that
all of us will go through this some day

have you ever felt
what it's like to survive in the whites of the eyes of hell
have you smelled
the scent of your flesh burning off of your body until
all you hear
is screaming
from the bottom of the
twisted bowels?
I'll be there
and there's nothing on this earth that is ever gonna help me out
kiss my mouth
and savor
the wonderful time that we shared
stay with me
til the moment that my skin lets go and sets me free