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Artist: The Cenobites (Kool Keith & Godfather Don)
Album:  The Cenobites LP
Song:   I Was Forgotten
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"The roughest, roughest, roughest (Say What?)" --> Rage (Repeat 8x)

[Godfather Don]
Why can't anyone understand that I'm meticulous
I reek of putrified flesh
The soul serated, contaminated with rhymes illaminated
Exhuming each and every last cell from you
Kind of clinical, phorensical, with sound under
Clowned ob my niggas then you wack 'em with brown numbers
Sound winners when I swarm with spawn to the sound comers
In an embryonic state I race like cess and a creapatiting bowel
Caused by stress makes up a large mess
Of your whole mic, that's what your soul's like, foul sense
When spit drips from your oral cavity I slit wrists
The blood letter with a Beretta, don't give a
Playfight, bust this rip shit on your gravesight
Then I make charred remains of your mescalated glaucoma
Til the last bone in your coffin was often
Then I spat on ya, rancid remains lay stinkin'
Even OJ asks "What the FUCK were you thinking?!"

"The roughest, roughest, roughest (Say What?)" (Repeat 4x)

I'm sick, I crash cadavers and suck brains through it
Cerebelums callidoscopic, my melon retains fluid
Divine intervention between your living spleen
Seems erratic, static, having mattered to splattered
Slightly burned dermis, as ?esca? faded, that corroded
My desecrated cauldron where I skull men
All in fall in, like blazed glass that shatter in
The ?meckle blastic? I need it, your blood scatters
And run for cover from the organism next
Born in kicking necks, on the written text
Spittle trickles and and oxygen to levels of blasfeme
And devils, I was last seen with shovels
Taking kidneys, collapsing jaundice, spit suckers
Irrigating your grating, I'm shoving mics up your tuchus
All types of shit gets stripped from your hollow huss
I swallow dust and moisten your corpse with aloe musk
Plus trespassers get bust by just the tusk
Releases diseases, Jesus must have rushed on us
Crush the pus dripped on the blade and I licked it
Hold your sack and plit it from your cue biters to ditches, damn

"The roughest, roughest, roughest (Say What?)" (Repeat 4x)

*Godfather Don gives shoutout til fade*