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Artist: Celph Titled & Buckwild
Album:  Nineteen Ninety Now
Song:   Where I Are
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

So why they hatin on Celph Titled?
(I don't know man, I don't know man, I don't know man
I don't know, I don't know)  --> Q-Tip
(Cause they wanna be where I are, cause they wanna be where I are)  --> Grand Puba

[ VERSE 1: Celph Titled ]
Star spangled from harsh angles
Bow and arrow arch aimed at your Randy Savage wave cap
Your budget, I ate that
I'm the new Pat Sajak
They asked me for a couple letters, so my AK spat
Hollow-head heat-seakers at your weak features
Like Data from the Goonies with unique sneakers
I'ma slide past wack shit
With highly extensive combat shit on compact discs
Don't worry if I'm burnin your album
Cause if I'm burnin your album, I'm in the backyard burnin the album
Smokey The Bear'll have to choke on a flare
Am I supposed to be scared?
That's like Vin Diesel combin his hair
Ain't happenin now
No, not, not forever
Not a rapper with a better flow, whatsoever
All these biters ride my nuts like a road rail
They wish I had seat belts embedded in my coat tails

[ VERSE 2: Celph Titled ]
I first appeared on wax in '98 as a young teen
Now I'm stackin paper, got my thumb green
How many times am I fresh? That's umpteen
Get dirty with the trigger, but I keep my gun clean
That's sparklin, shinin, yeah, the glittery bling
Vocals so big, the Pro-Tools need a 50" screen
Hardcore rhymes, jazz riffs and loops
I think y'all forgot what rap sounded like, didn't you?
Let me remind you of a time way back
When hip-hop tracks had hard snares and not lame snaps
Rappers were rappers, drug dealers were dealers
Fans was just fans and the music was much realer
Now it's a clown show
Except these faggots got a dope boy persona instead of the damn clown nose
I laugh at any critic sayin my style's too humorous
Cause you an insecure boy with an abused uterus

[ VERSE 3: Celph Titled ]
I get slept on heavily
But I'm a expert with rap, whether it be Heavy D or Heather B
I've heard all the beats, all the cuts, all the breaks
All the flows from all the legends in cities state to state
I'm a ace when I study the science of spit
Respect my skill for the one of a kind that it is
Put behind all the early shit you heard of mine
That was before I flipped and decided it was murder time
I stepped my game up, my cadence is impeccable
Lyrics are out of this world, swagger is incredible
And if you can't see that
Then you're probably a rapper yourself wishin you could be where I'm at
Don't you herbs notice? You can't disturb my focus
My words are so sick, they leave you with tuberculosis
If your CD's got 15 songs
Word is bond, it's about 15 songs too long