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Artist: Celph Titled & Buckwild
Album:  Nineteen Ninety Now
Song:   Step Correctly
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[Intro] [Sample from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'The Running Man']
"Do you know who I am?"
"I've seen you before. You're the asshole on T.V."

[Verse One]
I'm from the Gunshine State so my gun must shine
I'm trying to impregnate Beyonce's sister just one mo' time
So, take a toke of this, you won't be breathing well
I'm all about biscuits and trees, like a Keebler Elf
I snuff bikers, give a fuck, ride a unicycle
with plush tires right through the offices of Ruff Ryders
Here's a thug reminder; a cool quick tip
You belong in the ladies room because you be on some bitch shit
I'll never stop writtin' rhymes like this
(Cause) Show you what a point blank shot to the ribs (does)
You seen those holes those shells made?
You a hotel maid
Cause all you do is fold and that's so gay
I tried to kick a field goal
I missed the ball my shoe flew off
and hit you in the fuckin' head with a steel toe (sorry)
For real though, I got this underground bullshit 
Wrapped around my finger
There's not a rapper or a singer that's quite as ill as I am
Pop out your eyes and scramble them bitches next to my bacon in my frying pan
I was a stick-up kid
It was fucked up but fun
Cause I used a Nintendo Duck Hunt gun
Fuck 'em

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
"Step to me, better step correctly
Cause I'ma break your jaw if you disrespect me"

"Get on the mic
Get on the mic god damn it" [x4]

[Verse Two]
Pull up right next to you at the drive through
I ain't here to buy food stupid, no tellin' what I might do
Lick a shot, speed off, with the perfect timin'
Yeah the tires Screech, no it ain't Dustin Diamond
You fuckers suck at rhymin'
Weak impostors I've been iller
You're Ben Stiller, it's time to Meet The Fockers
You don't greet me proper
I'ma slam your head, motherfucker face down, flat into a greasy saucer
Pass the cheese and salsa, I'm makin' nachos
I told you I'ma make it rain so bitch bring a poncho
I'm the best at war, that's what the hecklar for
Play me like it's chess and I'm smack you with a checker board
You should check my rapport, it's quite impressive baby
This year I'm eatin' real meal like filled with extra gravy
You was an extra for a lady in a cheap film
In a nasty scene and left the camera lens with skeet film
Without a doubt, yeah you know what we're about
You love sausage so much, when you talk you spit sauerkraut 
Yeah, ha ha
When you talk you spit sauerkraut out your mouth, beeotch

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
"Step to me, better step correctly
Cause I'ma break your jaw if you disrespect me"

"Get on the mic
Get on the mic god damn it" [x4] - Big Daddy Kane

If you're gonna step, step correctly
I got the microphone skills, God's blessed me
So if you're gonna step, step correctly
Mista Sinista tell 'em who I'm gon' get to have the best beats