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Artist: Celph Titled & Buckwild
Album:  Nineteen Ninety Now
Song:   Miss Those Days
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

This is goin out to anybody from the nineties
And even if you not from the nineties
anybody that appreciates the mark that the nineties left
In my opinion the greatest era for hip-hop
It's like bein a teenager during the great jazz era
So you could imagine what it means to me
Let's go

[ HOOK: Sharifa Reefa ]
It's like those days are still so fresh on my mind
Seems like yesterday when I started writin my rhymes
And I miss those days when I look back over my life
Those things done changed, I miss those good times

[ VERSE 1: Celph Titled ]
Shit'll never be the same, I could picture it but never explain
Memories stain every inch of my brain and pump through my veins
Grand Puba had the Tommy Hil' locked down
And how that Cool Water smell, back then, not now
Backpacks and Starter caps, outfits didn't match
Which reminds me that the nineties was the aftermath of crack
Girls had they name on they necklace, a gold cross
Overalls, folded at the ankles with stonewash
RZA rockin all them beats, Sega with the Altered Beast
Wasn't safe to walk the streets with Jordan sneakers on your feet
Rappers had you thinkin white girls had no butt
And white boys either rocked the ( ? ) or the bowl cut
I'd give a motherfuckin million dollars to go back
To Show with the Soul Clap, K-Solo can't hold back
Magic admitted he had it but he ain't a addict
The faggot, if you need 'em I got crazy prophylactics

[ HOOK ]

[ VERSE 2: Celph Titled ]
Al Roker was fat, Ben Franklin's face was small
Too many Florida felons, then came that three strikes law
The Benz had the round lights, Lexus was the new whip
Crews were rollin deep in jeeps smokin on that thai stick
Chocolate, lambspreads before they perfected hydro
Five dollar package of that skunk or that kambo
Kids bought CD's from Biohazard and Anthrax
SuperSized fast food, what the fuck was a transfat?
Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole, Carmen Electra
I miss my people goin off, I miss the G Funk Era
Early to mid-'90s was the greatest of all times
Pac, Biggie, Big L, Eazy-E and Pun were all alive
It was either flava or p-h-a-t
Arsenio, the Wayans and Martin Lawrence was on TV
These are oldies but goodies, difference in OG's and rookies
Shit was good when Billy Clinton was gettin Lewinsky pussy

[ HOOK ]

Sinista, take us outta here

(I miss the days of way back then)
(I remember way back in the days on my block)
(Thinkin way back about the good old days)
(Way back in the days) (Back in the days)
(Felt like yesterday)
(I was a shorty b-boy around the way)
(Felt like yesterday)
(I was a shorty b-boy around the way)
(Felt like yesterday)
(Felt like yesterday)
(Felt like yesterday)
(I was a shorty b-boy around the way)
(Felt like yesterday)
(I was a shorty b-boy around the way)
(Like yesterday)
(I was a shorty b-boy around the way)