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Artist: Celph Titled & Buckwild
Album:  Nineteen Ninety Now
Song:   I Could Write a Rhyme
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1 ]
(Y'all got Celph Titled questions?) I got Celph Titled answers
On how I started, how I represent Tampa
I know you're used to hearin me on some wild-out shit
Yellin at the top of my lungs how my nine gon' spit
But I got more styles that's sick
And I been doin this for Fahrenheit 813
Since '93 I been makin beats and writin rap sheets
Mischevious teenager with a creative outlet to release anger
Booty shake, bass music, I was into that
Poison Clan, 2 Live Crew, that's what got me into rap
Loopin tracks with fast hi-hats and 808s
4-track machine with the high-speed cassette tape
Now keep in mind I was a fan - but as MC's we all are
And very few of us become stars
Went from blastin Magic Mike to grabbin a mic
Tried to sound like Spice 1 and not Rapper's Delight
From E-40 to Ice Cube
The west coast had a lot to do with the type of beats I'd write to
But still the Juice Crew was one of my faves
Never discriminated, whether New York or LA
And around the mid-'90s
I became fascinated with the Lord Finesse style of slick rhymin
The Redmans, the Big L's, the Das EFX's
Ras Kass and Chino XL type of records
(So guess what?) Celph Titled emerged
( ? ) runnin through pens, author of murderous words
And I was set to rip every verse I put down
17 years old and at rappin I'm pretty good now

[ HOOK 2X ]
(I could write a rhyme, flip it up and write a next one)
(I could write a rhyme, flip it up and write a next one)
(I could write a rhyme, flip it up and write a next one, right on the spot)
(Right on the spot) --> Sadat X

[ VERSE 2 ]
I'm from a city that don't have much hip-hop roots
So I felt compelled to form a hip-hop group
See, I was once on some go against the norm
Flow fast and write rhymes in complex forms
It was kinda ill at the time
Cause really the only other choice
Was Puffy and Mase and them Big Willie club joints
So I got my act together
And eventually met two other MC's that rapped together
We was all on that underground vibe
Cella Dwellas, Kool Keith, Tribe and Organized
I was kinda out of my mind, a weird guy
Cut designs in my facial hair, fucked around with beard dye
It was me, Majik and Dutch and we had a lotta fun
Thought we were smart, named ourselves Equilibrium
And had a label called Atomik
With Walkmen and Kramtronix layin down cuts on it
I stayed pollyin 24-7
And in 1997 started recording our first record
Then my phone rang, didn't know who it was from
Some guy that called himself Apathy the Alien Tongue
Heard I had production and I could rhyme, too
He was from the north and knew some Jedi Mind dudes
Plus he had a crew better than any squad
Couple months later they was callin me a Demigod
I started shoppin my demo aggressively
Landed on the desk of BUDS Distribution NYC
Next thing you know I got a single on wax
And a offer for a job in New York, so my bag was packed

[ HOOK 2X ]

[ VERSE 3 ]
Now I'm 19 and a Floridian in New York
White Cuban boy that says 'nigga' and eats pork
So you could call me foul, but back then I didn't care
I would do whatever to catch a listener's ear
So I submerged myself in the local scene
Nuyorican, Wetlands, Tramps, Speed, SOB's
That guy Apathy, he's from Connecticut
So we would link up and write songs to make records with
The label I was messin with, they was feelin it
So then we had vinyl distribution at our fingertips
This Demigodz onslaught was in full motion
20 singles in 2000 with no promotion
My name was everywhere, for beats and for features
But best believe I had a fuckload of non-believers
Masterminded an underground persona
Dirty mouth punchline wild animal down to bring the drama
I made a lotta friends from Boston to Philly
Never thought this many heads would say they're really feelin me
So you gotta respect that
And when Vinnie Paz asked me to join the Army I was like "Bet that"
Then Jimmy Iovine's assistant insisted
That me and Apathy make a little visit for business
The deal fell through, but Atlantic picked Ap up
We expanded the Godz in LA with more rappers
Then Cage got smacked up, I remember punchin him
I remember pressin up his diss songs and trumpin him
I remember havin him so scared
Chain smokin in the backroom at his show just cause I was there
He was drugged up and panicked
Couldn't face me, he was frantic
Snuck behind with a bottle and then he ran quick
That's how a little man fights a giant
Cowardly lyin and God strike me down if I'm lyin
But I've moved past that, it's all gravy
I was on an album executively produced by Jay-Z
Tours with Mike Shinoda, gettin paper with Fort Minor
My worldwide exposure is a sore reminder
To those who think I'm gonna disappear
But it's pretty obvious that I ain't goin nowhere
I am a hater's worst nightmare that got fans
And I gain more and more everytime I drop jams

[ HOOK 2X ]

(Yes yes y'all
Yes y'all
As I proceed)
(Yes yes y'all
Yes y'all
As I proceed)