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Artist: Celph Titled & Buckwild
Album:  Nineteen Ninety Now
Song:   Fuckmaster Sex
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Okay!)  --> Funkmaster Flex

(Young ladies if you're ready say yeah
Ya don't stop
Fly guys if you're ready say hooooo
Ya don't stop)

(Ah, let's... let's do it
Let's do it
Hit the bomb, man
Rare form tonight
Rare form tonight)  --> Funkmaster Flex

It's goin down, y'all
Fuckmaster Sex
Hide your bitch
It's the new age Wilt Chamberlain
Ain't playin games, my friend

(Ayo, tell 'em what your name is...)

[ VERSE 1: Celph Titled ]
(...I'm Celph Titled) Also known as Fuckmaster Sex, I
Do a slut in my car seat, show her my sex drive
Didn't soak the carpet, but she had a wet rug
Pulled out on those almond-colored breasts and left a chest-nut
Better believe she gave me dome
Cause if not she was gettin (thrown) on the side of the road like a safety (cone)
No wide body Benz, I need a wide body bitch
With an ass so large it take up the space of a three-car garage
Had a second coming when I busted a nut twice
With a Mariah Carey look-a-like but with hair like Scary Spice
She was the type that as soon as she say hi
She's takin off her clothes and askin (Baby, where's the KY?)
Got a marriage, though she's not wholly embraced it
Cause on her body there ain't a single hole that's sacred
(Oh yeah, I taped it) so I can see all of it
Then it's goin straight to DVD like a new Steven Segal flick

(60 minutes of fuckin, call me Fuckmaster Sex, bitch)

[ VERSE 2: Celph Titled ]
Got a groupie on my jock and she want me to bang it raw
The tramp is a skankin whore, she'll give you a canker sore
She give up ass often
And it wasn't a MySpace time stamp that she had the last log-in
Not an assumption, and it ain't complicated, man
Cause she gon' blow either way like an oscillating fan
I'm like James Bond in a tricked out Viper
And you're just Pierce Brosnan in Mrs. Doubtfire
Yeah, I am Fuckmaster Sex, no split personalities here
I go from pimpin to being weird like OutKast careers
Bitch, I stick the fork in it and won't spoon later
They will find the stains on Room Raiders
I'm in the kitchen with a Ruben Studdard ruben-- cutter
Abuse your mother, won't use a rubber
The damn bitch's like a sandwich, all stuffed and greasy
Bust a nut in the hoagie and create a new sub-species


(I'm in the '90s strong
I'm not in the '90s on some MTV videos or some VH1 nonsense!
I did not come up here to play Hammer and Young MC!
It's not what it is
That's not what represents the '90s to me, okay?)  --> Funkmaster Flex

(Nobody should have their daughter around you, fam
You are ridiculous, you need help and you should seek help
And people embracin this dude needs to think about it and think what he's doin
And I blame myself and everybody else for not speakin up and givin their opinion
On what we think he is and what you are)  --> Funkmaster Flex