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Artist: Cole Brenson
Album:  Potentially Offensive
Song:   My Meat's 'Da Shit
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Six inches around
About a foot up and down
Ain't no foolin', girls are droolin' for my brand of schoolin'
'Cause I got the biggest pole in town

Hard, full and thick
One big fuckin' dick
A slut begs, parts her legs, I go shootin' for eggs
And the 'ho always gets off quick

Wide, tough and girthy
Strong, mean and earthy
I'm a giant, self-reliant, just a carnal tyrant
So climb aboard if you're worthy

Hot, straight and rude
Hooked to one rough dude
Bend down, we'll go to town, you'll be squirmin' around
It don't matter if you're in the mood

My meat's 'da shit, my meat's 'da shit
Some girls get upset when it just won't fit
That's when I got to stop and apply some spit
Because my meat's 'da shit, my meat's 'da shit

Smooth, firm and throbbin'
I leave girls sobbin'
Bitches run to be done by my king-size gun
But when I'm finished they walk off hobblin'

Muscly and uncut
Under my big gut
The word's around, I'm in town, panties fallin' down
they can't keep their boxes shut

Huge and tightly packed
Where other men have lacked
I get deep, she starts to weep, then I fire a heap
They look at me like they've been jacked

Dark and knobby
Fuckin' is my hobby
Yeah, I'm known for my bone, all the shots I've thrown
Have left many a woman wobbly

My meat's 'da shit, my meat's 'da shit
You best have one big mouth if you chomp at this bit
I hope you're all wet 'cause if you're not then you just might split
'Cause my meat's 'da shit, my meat's 'da shit