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Artist: Capital D
Album:  Insomnia
Song:   The Awakening
Typed by: {with help from CD insert}

Hip-hoppers approach apocalypse with remarks unremarkable
But who cares if it's 'marketable' -- let's drop it unstoppable
Rolling with the infallible ripping rapid unflappable
Stck and whip a wicked rapper make him humble and affable
See the title applicable to despicable miserable men be jiggaboo
I run through 'em like an obstacle course
'Course it's the Cap, you could be white or be black
But if you're acting like a nigga or a cracker get back
They call me African-American, that's an oxymoron
I don't follow Farrakhan or perform at the Aragon
Like Harding to Kerrigan we could put out some hits
But then let's pack up the caravan and escape Styx
Now with the flick of the wrist verbals be put in the mix
Destruct your lyrical naps, there's too much minimal rap
And all that criminal crap
I turn to venerable veterans -- vital and better men
Never "Tomming" like Edison
Make my living at editing, emitting this medicine
And from Lisbon to Lebanon the like-minded are loving it
Every building that I've been to had to speak on the government
The truth is evident, we be pushing and shoving it
Revolution is liniment against illegitimate leaders
And legions of the decadent ignorant
Armageddon is imminent
So for the greater benefit let's just stand with the
Sentinels of a similar sentiment
In the center of the cipher with balanced equilibrium
Rip to a rhythm that's bug like the millenium
A definitive blueprint of pure hip-hop
The global cultural movement that can't be stopped
That's the ish that gets dropped; minor men'll get mopped
Idle chatter'll cease as we scatter a release
See east is the place that I face
But a shrine can't erase or replace
The essence of seeking His face
Never losing sight of right due to narrow vision
Or confuse heroism and terrorism
I'm scared of -isms
Whether material- colonial- imperial-
National- or rational-,
Each one is factional
Creating reactional actions and gradually
The hatred and passions'll lead to more casualties
Dastardly deeds sow seeds of destruction
But the life instructions provide the insight for deduction
And with no interruption
And no introductions the no-name anonymous
B-boy pharmacist hip-hop economist
Is dooming the dominance of cons claiming continents
Imperialists said the sun never sets
But I bet terror is what terror begets
The simple cause and effect law is in effect
But Allah is perfect
So we pause and reflect
On the sight of the moon and the stars and the signs and the night
And the noon and the laws and of time and of space and of body and mind
And the fate of the one who debates on the one who creates
It's a fact that Allah is the All and Divine
Unborn undefined unformed to the mind
We conform to design
And we know that we reap what we sow
And we sow what we reap and so don't oversleep