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Artist: Capital D
Album:  Insomnia
Song:   Culture of Terrorism
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No introductions time be rushing like a renegade
disrupt the function put a cease to all these serenades
I'm breaking down the barricades and blurring the dividing lines
never shook just looking to Allah for His guiding signs
attack columbus I ain't begging him to reparate
meanwhile mugabe forces robbers to repatriate
let's set it straight I never glorify no terrorist
but nonethelessyour pimping with the emperor is perilous
I'm strictly off limit to the cotton-soft scented type
who tip-toe and dread light and dread the sight
of a kufi-wearing kid who's kicking science
picking mental padlocks
I specialize in defiance
alliance of the havenots
battled up energy's exploding out the bottle cap
cap smash the glass
y'all hold model that
replicate the detonation
spread across the nation to the serengetti
but mentally I'm there already
I done drop machiavelli with a bo shiver
smack sun tzu, I'm reading loo tzu
and douse crews with verbal gasoline
while average teens is unaware and living terrible
I yell out geronimo and watch the falling dominos
the drama knows no end until the meek are equal on the earth
I unleash the pen to blow your speakers in 4 what it's worth
upset the status quo by smacking up ya master
til we smashing in his bottle caps I'm staying stuck on

I read Bukari and the way of the ansari 4 sure
while the kuffar be spending time on their atari but yo
with these attachments and distractions can we see it's about
walking the path of many prophets that precede us
no doubt, we gots to train the mind to recognize and read the signs
redefine the inner til my outer shell is redesigned
maintain and motivate then watch the hours culminate
I cultivate my frame until it's firm enough to hold the weight
don't know the date but still the judgment day is closing and
a few are chosen but the most of men dozing and
the body's like a temple from my soul on to my mental
seeing with my inner eye the spiritual is quintessential
I perform my mind aerobics rising far b4 the dawn
give my soul a proper workout while I'm reading the Qu'ran
2 keep my mental sharp I tossed the tv out my crib
and now looking for my chance to jab dajjal up in the jibs
And this land of bravery, wage slavery, ill imagery
yo peep the symmetry
they spending billions on global domination
while women and children got no accomodations
meanwhile my thugs is giving desires and savageness
just tryin to survive and defy the law of averages
c to in 3 young bros. ain't gon make it
so once they c a little money they gon take it
the got us living by a code that is makeshift
cause in our heart kid you to scared to break with
the system that dissed you and forgets you
refuses to lift you
it either seeks to enlist you or commits you
but never to permit or admit you

The American economy's surviving of arms
third world debt
closing down farms
promoting conflict and violent behavior
then using convicts 4 cheap slave labor
extending patents on the xy chromosome
pushing drugs from crack down to methadone
drones to the metronome marchalong to the rhythm
of the free trade and forced patriotism
now racism still gives a little bit of stature
2 modern legacies of the former slave masters
all these factors then create factions
insulate the power from a unifed action
across the map the rich be relaxing
and in former burma you'll nerver hear no murmur
cause the dispossessed poor are in sweatshops
and if they get caught tryna unionize they get shot
on home soil leaders of the U.S.
map foreign oil determine who gets
temporary military so-called aid
And the never-ending scheme of getting paid
as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
it's a nonstop saga bringing worlwide horror
we fight, losing sight over what we warring over
as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer..