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Artist: Canibus
Album:  MicClub Mixtape Master, Vol. 1
Song:   Collecting Taxes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

What?  You wanna battle with a Jesus piece, you need luck
You couldn't see me with Jacob piece from Jesus
I lean you back like your spine just cracked
Rhyme chiropractor get paid to adjust raps
Spit somethin, let me see if I'ma bust back
I front back gore yo' ass 'til you collapse
Spin hats around lightspeed well hubcaps
My gun'll clap faster than Savion Glover taps
Wave the four at you, if it take more than that
I kick down your door before you get the double axe
Strapped for Canibus, just relax
I came to collect taxes, as simple as that
I raid your refridgerator, but other than that
Before I leave I remind you to remember you're whack
Yo my girl loves Usher but she said he gettin cocky
I told her SHUT UP, cause that's the same way she knock me
In the name of hip-hop I rock beats on blocked streets
There ain't an MC that can stop me
Need more beats?  Scott Storch ain't cheap
In Virginia, DMP or Nottz got heat
Yo, _I Get Around_ like 'Pac and Shock G
In a drop Jeep, lickin off shots at {?}
It don't have to be a special occasion, I'll be blazin
I'm Jamaican, you know that I don't worship no bacon

This is real Canibus, leave your nose achin
Niggaz be hatin but on the low they know the flow's dangerous
The hip-hop Joe Namath, never missed a payment
Don't say shit to me, talk to the niggaz I came with
Kay Slay shit nigga, Drama King nigga
Bada Bing nigga...