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Artist: Canibus
Album:  Mic Club
Song:   Behind Enemy Rhymes
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Behind enemy rhymes, when the curriculum storms
Behind enemy rhymes, when the curriculum storms

It's like this yo, check it out, uh, yo
When the curriculum storms
Modern rap history is reborn on CD code in the form of a poem
Anyone that studies Canibus' past
Knows he has the answers to questions
you're probably not advanced enough to ask
Super advanced, faculty man, chairman of curriculum class
85% never pass, 10% smile and 5% dont even laugh
When the chalks in my hand and I'm drawin up graphs
I present the contingency plan to the top brass
They probably think I'm on speed I'm talkin so fast
The body of the rhyme is smooth like body and bath
The summary is more explosive than a meth lab blast
My symmetrical shockwave shatter glasses
My U-235 rhyme hits critical mass
Apocalypse now, lyrical raps blow everything off the map
From green grass to African Baobabs
Spike with an elctro-mag, aircrafts crash
CDC's in the streets passin out gas masks
Gorgeous women thank me for the oxygen tank
Baby, the chevrons on my arm'll tell you my rank
Maybe I'll become another casualty in the field
They'll engrave my tombstone with the master steel
The best beats in the world couldn't rival my skill
That's like throwing a cup of water on a million beached whales
Ran eloquence on an unprecedented scale
Close your eyes, feel the rhymes cause I'm better in Braille
The Francis Bacon basics, I should reiterate this
We rise to great heights by winding staircases
The line spiral in a French curve design
When the curriculum storms, Behind enemy rhymes

When the curriculum storms, this is lyrical law
Computer programmed bars come out of digital jaws
This is the toughest course in hip hop so far
Behind enemy rhymes, when the curriculum storms, (x2)

Written addendum, curriculum - attention deficit disorder
Magician flippin' them with serotonin reuptake inhibitors
That inhibit them from the seein' the vision when
They spit against Bis and them they must want to get dissed again
I'm sicker than your sixth sense inhale breaths
Through the luffa in my chest bigger than wind tunnel vents
Please believe the ammo is live
My fusillade of rhymes fly through your ride and go stream fuselage
Blistering speed fools eyes with fast rhymes
Setting world records for nerval rings' fastest lap times
Get checkered flags for forty-eight tracks of rhymes
A hundred times for vocal signatures to complex to sign
Human by design, a mental monster of the mind
Rhetoric versus reality the reason I rhyme
Eternally inclined to shine
Principles a plentitude, I spit at you, injure you if you step out of line
A transcendental intellectual
A marvel to the medical professionals that claim they half wanna test a dude
Before they understand what I'm equipped to do
Visual psychoanalytical living proof that I rip you
I rip the roof off like cyclones do
When the curriculum storms I rip a microphone too
A molecular miracle
In the physical my lyrical has always been something different for you to
listen to
Difficult but legible forever memorable
Enough to remain in the membrane of your mental
I train your brain muscles and take you to school
Hard rocks become gentle jewels these are the rules
When you in the Mic Club mood you never get booed
Aptitude and attitude are your battling tools
Stay calm and spit those bars
If you find yourself behind enemy rhymes you got to weather the storm

Chorus 2x