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Artist: Canibus
Album:  Melatonin Magik
Song:   Melatonin Magik
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This is Melatonin Magik...

Sumerian, Chinese, Egyptian, Latin
Nobody can match Canibus when I'm rappin (what happened?)
Captain Cold Crush get it crackin
Theres more than one person right now thats not laughin
Squash microphones wit unknown chromosomes
To discover the codes that controls the brain's frontal lobes
The pineal gland glows (go! go! go!)
Don't look back, I got ya back bro
He's a high profile target, code name Sergeant Armpits
He was Rakim Allah's first artist
Lemme bus' em; naw, I'ma punish em, Ra
I'ma show you how the mothafuckin government lie
Got nothin to do with pride, you must realize
Few of us will be alive by Solar Cycle 25
I tried to look for solutions, thats not enough time
They won't be satisfied til every one of us die
Aight, calm the fuck down and listen to my rhymes
the only way that you can free yourself is your mind
First thing you gotta do is put the antagonism behind
Then you gotta put ya life on the line
The reward is great; the risk? Even greater
Fellowship can only make a Braveheart braver
Watch who you followin, watch who you praisin
"Yes We Can" backwards is "Thank You Satan"
YES I'm Jamaican; YES I'm a patriot
NO I will not forsake you for a paycheck
YES this is victory, YES i can taste it
NO I'm not a Mason, I'm followin my trainin
They monitor my body functions from central London
My heart rate is thumpin, I suffer from numbness
A robot arm shoves the drugs in
My scrubs are disgustin and sullen, I smell like cub skin
Funky, funky, funky odor; Bridgewater, South Dakota
My spit fizz like soda, I'm in a coma
In a pagoda, nurse McLovin
Says she wouldn't fuck me if I was her husband
Dont trust the bitch
Im in a warehouse alone
I hear doors open and close, 
No phone, no intercom controls
Wouldn't matter anyway Im in a paranormal zone
Goose bumps grow, I could hear a few ghosts moan
I'm a mastermind, tryin to amplify the frequency of the rhyme
So I can learn to fly
So yeah, fuck a punchline
I'm past that prime, that's not a crime
So go find someone else to dick ride
Focus on the truth, its long overdue
It woulda never happened if I told you what I wanted to do
The Inconvenient Truth is a convenient truth
012 solar cycle 24 commin soon
I promise you Canibus achieved the impossible
It's only logical its time for the truth
Whether I'm gonna be around to witness it or not
I spit this shit for hip-hop
Twitter niggas type their hype they write Canibus smash the mic
Cause you cant blackball the light
They know my hands always been tied
You call that a fight?
Give me the mic I call in an airstrike
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
There's some things in this worls that money can't buy
Respect, honor, fuck it, it's all corrupted
The media can not be trusted
You shouldn't need a budget, to rep hip-hop
You don't have to suck dick just to get your shot
Just work with what you got
Don't be a robot, be human
Influenced by hip-hop music

It aint nothin like
It aint nothin like
It aint nothin like hip-hop music
It aint nothin like
It aint nothin like
It aint nothink like hip-hop music
50 plus bars is some new shit
Its called Melatonin Magik and music
50 plus bars is some new shit
Its called Melatonin Magik and music
No bullshit
Take it back to 1997 exclusive clue shit
The most intrusive MC in hip-hop music
Lyrically you can't do shit