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Artist: Canibus
Album:  Melatonin Magik
Song:   Fraternity of the Impoverished
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Fraternity of the Impoverished
Knowledge this, knowledge this...
The vocalist beast, knowledge like the Pope in this piece
You think the ocean is deep? Fuck with me
Unbelievable bars, unbeatable odds
Unspeakable horrors, at a unperceivable cost
Your unagreeable response lacks thought and human heart
This is lyrical law, it's what I make the music for
My prayers are simple, my forehead is layered with wrinkles
Because of all the hardships that I've been through
Symbolic hip-hop prophet speak to your subconscious
Fringe politics got the public thinkin the opposite
I'm a hypolyrical spontaneous alchemical
elite neo-liberal, child of the indigo
Drillin holes through the Faraday cages of your brains
Then I implant the arcane image of Saint Germaine
High lyrical exponent, intelligence quotient
When I'm focused, I can engage multiple opponents
But I won't if, I have no motive, soldier be careful, it's loaded
Verbose with emotions of psychosis
In case you didn't notice when I wrote it
I'm spittin lyrics fittin in tighter spaces than outerspace roaches
A real emcee don't have to do what he don't wanna do
And that includes freestylin in front of you
it's not like something gon' change
It's not like the whole world gon' start praisin my name
I stay in my lane
I'd rather die by livin brave then live like a slave
I'd rather be broke then be fake and get paid
These layers of physicality challenge me
My soul is gold and it's the only thing that's able to balance me
My energy body has a alchemical copy that looks Godly
Not fat, out of shape or sloppy
The iller the rhymes, the more that I embody
Vilified when real recognize real I gets mines!
Stand with the underdog, don't be a coward
Stop dickridin people for they money and power
Even the American flag says "Made In China"
The national debt says the U.S. is a vagina
of a black widow spider, sprayin blood out like a geyser
Why do we lose everything we fight for?
Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters
In the land of the lawless, sacrificed before Horus
The Inca, the Aztecs, the Mayans, were masters
A new beginnin is comin - the irony is classic
The potential of life, versus the potential of death
Either way you go through mad mental stress
God forbid for you, for her, or him
We ignored the gems, now we gotta do it all again
We failed hip-hop's laws and brought down shame upon our cause
Now we will fall upon our swords
The shaman pays homage to Solomon
He orders them to send the witchdoctor in
Then asked me to rhyme again
Every now and then I get retarded and spit
I would like to apologize to every artist I dissed
Everybody assumes I wanna rhyme when I don't
Sometimes I just wanna chill and watch you flow~!
Mysteries of the cathedral, the dark overlords are evil
Ripped out the vocal chords of the people
I walk up to your bedside in disguise with red eyes
And tell you to remember these rhymes
This is the season of hip-hop, believe it or not
I lined it up with the planet's equinox

{*scratched repeatedly: "abstract thinking"*}

[Outro - over scratching]
The coming cataclysm of society
Obviously the government lied to me
The illuminati's kidnap of hip-hop is plain to see
Dead or alive, you heard it from the Can-I-B!!