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Artist: Canibus
Album:  Lyrical Law (Disc 1)
Song:   RIP vs. Poet Laureate
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[Intro: dialogue from "Gladiator"]
You have proved your valor, yet again
Let us hope, for the last time
  But there's no one left to fight, sire
There is always somebody left to fight

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
Are you an ego monster, writing ten thousand bars?
I'll melt your squid face with ten thousand stars
Your battle raps dried up like the ass of the Sphinx
And your brains fried up, my verses make your ball shrink
I'll kill you like Marie Curie with ionizing radiation
You are facing termination by your own creation
My metaphors mechanics will toss you off the planet
You smoke too much chronic, my vocab is volcanic
Infinite beings with black bars, that eat through rap stars
Travel time in fast cars, you fire past Mars
I ran back home to battle Rip on the phone
Right after I cracked Can-I-Bitch with the Mayan Sun Stone
You say we'll live without fear for several millions years
If you hold hands with your peers like a bunch of queers
My Stryker Brigade driver, strike a gay rapper
I leave Rip dehydrated with lines of hot lava
I tie you up with a snake, shaped like a sideways eight
and watch you break and suffocate at an unrelenting pace
Mechanical skeletal structure was designed with a heavy mental
Your mind's left behind, it's as light as a feathered quill
The will of knowledge God controls thoughts and movement
And force Can-I-Bitch to eat atomic waste pollutant
LL crucified your career with "The Ripper Strikes Back"
I slice you from ear to ear, who's the Jamaican in the body bag?

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
Rip the Jacker quantum creator, the quasar quaker
So many layers I can't demonstrate it on paper
My melodic emulators cut you down with trachea lasers
of deeply deposited argon vapors
My every verse is a psychic intitutional burst
I choose which layer to listen to first
At the peak of the bell curve, earthquakes make me misspell words
but loud and clear my every verse is well heard
They barely understand you; the unseen hands
that sample you and command you is quite puritanical
Henry Louis Gates Jr. said I was a lyrical computer
A great leader of a spiritual movement
Homo Noeticus student, the cosmic human
Homo Evolutis, divine rulers from a digital future
I'm a poet not a puppet, I spit these rhymes without a budget
with more infinite rhymes than cousins
Non-periodic, comets
Halotolonian bubbles in solidified rock deposits
When you take the time to unearth what I did
You will witness infinity, every verse is a bridge
Uneasy lies the head, my crown is too heavy for your men
The mixing board got a thousand channels plugged in
Music generated user generated
Mixing board entertainment for you mental entrainment

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
You rhyme until the meter say 9, 9, 9
I rhyme in a straight single line until the last crinkle of time
I know that seems wrong, but my conscience is long gone
The silly caught tongue rippin the Ripper on his own song
You could never hold me back, Dr. Frankenstein's monster
Rhymes in abundance, so my student Rip the Jacker is nonsense
Repugnant, "True Hollywood Story," I batte for the glory
I will become the final chapter in Canibus' allegory
Made the name killing Jackers and washed up rappers
I don't care if you pulled the trigger on the infamous masters
Have you had enough yet? Check the death of a great vet
Probably the best yet until infinite Laureate
Couldn't even work the console on your own time machine
A hundred years, hurtling when you exploded on the scene
The tattoo on your arm now belongs to me
I will inscribe it with the words Laureate Infinity

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
The mic on my arm is symbolic for a knowledge bomb
Celestial arms spiral into viral columns
I was betrayed the moment you were born
And more often than not, I say it in my songs
All day long I talk about +Lyrical Law+
I reserve the right to say whatever I want
If God kisses your face and the Devil kissed yo' ass
then how come you ain't got no God damn cash?
The breakaway civilization, generations on blast
The human population is reduced to ten percent of the half
for those who love to laugh
Bolides collide with incoming craft
The geography is nanoscopic nano-typography
If you don't understand, don't mock me
The midnight lyricist with a one thousand bar cylinders
A Ripper's lyricism is unlimited

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
Laureate Infinity! That was no freestyle, nigga that's a mean lie
And for that you've gotta spend time up in the Green Mile
I destroyed a whole city block, then {?} all sturdy cops
Your fingertips is on the street lock, make sure they put you in the dock
Heard you're back on your car, dance, while hip-hop is ill
So with the Cain of Todo Vail, still searchin for the Holy Grail
Opposites stuck with the word break up with the rhyme control
I profess that it is my fate to swallow your soul
Hova you need a new fix, you use an Infinity mix
and never give me the credit, I feel that's the greatest trick
I am the hip-hop God inside an Iron Man suit
Rhymes ricochet bounce back end up killing your own troops
I'm getting tired of having to spend time with you
Rip you gotta go first, Rip you will become my mad bitch
2007 'til Infinity, psi-ops on the enemy
I will forever be the illest lyricaly

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
The opening mechanism for the Sphinx is behind the ears
But there is freedom behind your fears
I am the autistic King Ellipsis who broke the Ecliptic
But don't nobody wanna listen
After twelve I turned into a Rakim gremlin
Bare witness to my lyrical fitness
Paranoid chillin Bob Dylan, hip-hop villain
Lyrical Law from the heart of the Dark Lizard King spittin
Killer gilla reptile with poisonous venom
Give 'em a pulmonary embolism when the rhythm hit 'em
Bus 'em, punishes women and children, whoever with 'em
The illest alive, still living, still spittin
The audio master, blast you with a vocal sample trigger
I'm the illest, I'm the illest, I'm the illest
They got their plans and we got ours
Plus I got my own plans if something goes sour

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
Got cut off from other emcees for sayin they aren't worthy
Got kicked the fuck off Universal for smokin that sticky purple
Rip the Jacker you are crazy, William you are just lazy
Battle me ten times on the same day cause you never did amaze me
I got unparalleled passion writing lyrics unbelievable
You got unparalleled passion for recycling your own material
Begin using punches because your brain doesn't function
Since the nights in Arapi they were a military function
Producing bars of precision, incredible inner vision
Follow the trooper intuition to finish the last mission
Buried on Mars four hours after spittin your last bars
Your spirit becomes infinite lyrics to the stars
Under the extreme force the grill of your face melt
Fuck Rip the Jacker, I appear courtesy of myself
Beat you blacker than blue from the North to the South
Check a rhyme knockout easy, in a portion of your mother's house

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
Fast acting bio-hazard, my verse is a surface burst
Blastin and attackin and backtrackin through a massive magnet
Global area with bio-location for rappers
Vocals powered by zero point magic motors
How many times you done this before 'Bis?
Created an album that some love but others dismiss
My heir apparent, is tryin to hijack Hip Hop
usin some fucked up mixing board spirits
Everything I've written for my brothers and sisters who still listen
This ain't no frickin fake reality vision
This a real mission, the real wheels of steel still spinnin
I laugh, radio DJs ass kissin
How far would you go to be a rapper? Ask 'em
Beyond the absence of light is only blackness
How far would you go to be a rapper? Ask 'em
Beyond the absence of light is all blackness

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
I'm consummate, so when I diss, you wouldn't want to answer this
I can rush and make them men in a minute but you ain't shit Canibus
If you mastered the final lesson I could be your secret weapon
Blasting whoever testing in less than a half second
Killing caused by visionary lyricist with a light saber
Channeling raw visuals forever digital
The fate of Rip the Jacker's arch-nemesis, specialist, geneticist
Put you in his labyrinth then finish transcripts to Genesis
I said the best shouldn't have to take breaths
That's correct, yes, you can't ever pass the test
The most powerful in the booth, harness the power of proof
I can't rest until I decapitate your body then poof
You takin a break, for water, as my signal it starts slaughters
Creatin heavenly ordered with source from quarter to quarter
Rip the Jacker's living not it's just me, I kill rappers
Battle the last Jacker's feed on bloody cold {?}

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
Two hundred bars, eleven minutes, eighteen bars per minute
Yeah, I still got it, can you fuck with it?
Superior rhymes recorded inside ethereal time
Uncontrived and alive by design
Tiger tooth Spider-Man divin off the roof
Smile~! It's the truth when I'm rhymin over loops
I'm in a spaceship minus the roof
Yeah, a real spaceship, somethin I designed in my youth
Let the world know the truth that I designed iller records than you
I wrote, produced and recorded and released a lot more records than you
Just thought that I should get more credit than you
cause I'm better than you
See, you can lie to me, but don't lie about me
Is that all you got? No wonder you grouchy
My lyrics sound horrible, your voice sounds lousy
So why you still be up on radio talkin 'bout me?

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
I spit on target poems from the East to the West
It's spit that turn rivals to stone, cold tone deaf
What do you want me to rap about? Go 'head, try your deen
Hard reality, fantasy, or a storyboard scene
You've proved you're second, take your company and mad mixtape
Producers ran back home at an unrelentalyzed pace
Refusing to spit live, producers take nose-dives
Never the same style since Lars got you reassigned
2005 the last day you weren't locked up in Hell
You got beat up by black cobras and knocked up by Chuck Liddell
Nobody even cares if the cosmonauts are here
Why would you even want to help these worthless humans to prepare?
I'm the sickest linguistically of all infinite mixes
The Susannah roll me hemptress will forever be my mistress
You're living your final days, I'm to thank you with the {?} remote
You ain't for games, compute your final bill

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
Catch-phrase me if you can, nobody rhyme like Javelin Fangz
I grab the mic with pure knowledge in my hand
Jump off the bridge, you fake niggaz scram
I will strangle you with dreadlocks, and my bare hands
Take you to the ground, release no release
I'm a beast - run out of wind? I'll hit you with the piece
One, two, three deceased, it's already chaos
goin on in the streets, it's just you and me
I'ma make you eat everything you said about the kid
Hip-Hop's one of those things I'm proud I did
I respect your whole catalogue and what you've said
And I'ma share your legacy with the one's who cared
They say, "Hip-Hop is the greatest story never told"
Imagine what it'd look like at a hundred years old
You can't use mind control on a timeless soul
An emcee's lyrics defines his role

[Poet Laureate Canibus]
I've got "Melatonin Magik," what are you 'Bis? A crack addict
Sit, sit down at the mixing board if you ever want static
Pompous ego, legs of an eagle, wearing new Speedos
Injecting dirty needles at the top of the Space Needle
I got the vocab for your starvation, you got rhymes for a child
More words in my mind than drops of water in the Nile
Murder the Horse forward raw, meteor metaphors
Opening Hell's doors, memorizing "Lyrical Law"
You got a determined heart and use a military target, you're gone
I battle niggaz the hardest, pullin triggers that launches
Son of Jor-El from Smallville boy gettin his jaw drilled
Responsibility I'm divorcing, I'm a nuclear warhead
You're crushing pieces of coke, looking to find or die
But man behold, I accomplish goals, when I start rhyming
with irrefutable timing, rappers thinkin riding
Three blades like the Triton, begging rap niggaz to try
Dissed you, I'm the last of a dying breed
I'm the first in Earth's history
I am the answer to the Universe invincible mystery

[Rip the Jacker Canibus]
Close encounters with the poetic Buddha
Outside Infinity City, with programmable life-form producers
The Grand Deception, that's what it was
The idea of aliens or anatomical subs
For dinosaurs that feed off our flesh and blood
They worship the sun, put you to death if you run
The serpent from Eden at Glen Rose, Texas museum
What's the meaning? They lived alongside human beings
Visible photography blends with lomography lens
They can't copy, no matter how they pretend
The Canibus Man, is just apocalypse in a can
But Rip the Jacker spreads soundscapes across the land
Constant to your death signals, hip-hop jingles
I could literally kill you with a hip-hop single
SEI is now online, the next verse reverse time
I can float a pound of steel with my mind
Tesla shield designed, obsessed with unlockin my mind
cause there is no stoppin my kind
The photons of life, phase conjugation on the mic
My rhymes re-materialize as light
The lost Unified Field Theory of Maxwell
They know I rap, but they didn't know I rap that well
I can't deceive you, the truth is out there for the people
The lies are transparent to see through
I dream the galactic green, the Northern Lights in the skies
Uninhibited by the jet stream
God is within me, God is within you too
And together we will find the truth
They said "You ain't the same Rip, Canibus, Poet Laureate"
But you never check to what Germaine think
Project CC-gate spit, comet sized "C" spaceship
They so shocked they didn't say shit
"Lyrical Law" is all about the lyrics
And it goes a little something like this
Hit it!!