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Artist: Canibus
Album:  For Whom the Beat Tolls
Song:   Poet Laureate Infinity V004
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

"And this is where the, the uh complexity comes in
Maybe we in modern uh civilization haven't really connected with this 

This is never been done before with a rhyme outside the realm of time
It's the first of its kind

I procured a small piece of the treasure
Collections from a former era datin' back to forever
The warrior became protector; take a closer look at the bars
You'll see I'm not behind them or in front of them, I'm one of them
Started with a hundred, The Game spit three I said "Fuck It!"
I'm a have to show these niggaz somethin'
33 is the number that enlightens the Brother
Insight to the fullest that could brighten the dullest
The ramifications are awesome, what should we call it? Mortars
I drive forward Sandstorms make my eyes water
Skull is a submarine hull
Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A.G.C.R.
The rhymes are raw, protected by the Jericho wall
With surface permutation of the permafrost
We thought close support from the Navy Carriers and Air Force
Would give us all what we needed, we were wrong
This is "The Greatest Rhyme of All Time" supposedly
1000 Bars it will probably always be
The results from SETI, very interestin'
I briefed the committee they told me to stop the testin'
You cannot contend with this when I let it rip
Eyes, ears, nose and throat specialist Professor Bis
The sublime Chakra one thru nine
Thru the spine induce the rhyme
Internal fire produces the high
I listened to 44 4's 22 times
+I Gave You Power+ God stop my heart if I'm lyin'
SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop whinnin'
Instinct controls how you think before decidin', so keep vibin'
The Art of Rhyming; I've mastered it certainly
Surely I'll celebrate capturin' it for my Taxidermy
From the streets of New Jersey to Germany
To jungles in Angola where most the meat poachers heard of me
I guess it wasn't meant to be
Under an assumed Identity I resumed PsyOps on the enemy
USA made, field grade steel face
Movin' at a Canibus pace in the proto subspace
Nobody could hold me back, my flow bloviates into a spiritual shape
And co-create rap, cold callous chronic chemical imbalance
Smokin' a chalice in the Rabbit hole with Alice
Systematic Global Geographic Systemic Neo-synopsis
Reload the graphics notice I spit it rapid
Victory over injury a victim to misery
The myriad of my metaphors make me a mystical mystery
They can't battle me; so they'd rather embarrass me
By being mad at me, they commit microphone heresy
Clairvoyant Technique, usin' X-Ray refraction
Not only can you see into the future, see past it
But I don't know what it means
I pass the DataStream along to my team
They say it's more than a dream
Kill you with weed vapour, then the Taser, then the Laser, then the Maser
Then somethin' they call Scalar
"That is not dead which can eternally lie
And with strange aeons even death may die"
Why? Coup de Gra for the Coup de Ta
In a man made lodge, the Moon Rays replace God
What ought to crawl has learned to walk
I have mastered The Art of Rhyming now I am so bored
I seen a mushroom to the north, from a porch
It was odd, every dog in the neighborhood barked
'Cause Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words Actions and 
But what is attracting me?
If you question me, you will be detained indefinitely
Your name will be added to the Black List Registry
Observe the man with the microphone strand
Or 5th or 6th, 'cause way more advanced
I look up in the sky to see if God is judging me
Suddenly I feel Fatima and Medjugorje come to me
Sittin' down at the mixin' board comfortably
They begin to study me, by showin' me worlds I would love to see
A stationary pulley drawin' from a wishin' well
The Genie gave me three more because I listen well
There's a Proverb that goes "One should know thyself"
Before one can know the world so I showed myself
Metaphoric Sun Worship, pullin' me like planet inertias
But on the other hand these rappers are worthless
Rap Music Profession, Immuno suppressants
One question per second, one answer per session
You lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!
Poet Laureate is reserved for the name G
My lyricism amplifies every letter written
+Rip the Jacker+ spittin' inside a Zero Vector System
Murder murder murder, kill kill kill drills
Williams was real ill, but now I chill
Fuck a record deal; my trainin' is real
Look at the sword I wield, you will taste my steel
Lyrical Fitness is no secret of course
But the secret to creativity, hidin' your sources
Preserve the sanctity of the Soldiers in IRAQ
Do not blame them, I hold their humanity hostage
I gotta spit 'til the story is told
It's a gift; this story is a part of my soul
We shouldn't keep fightin', the Earth is our home
If we destroy Mother Earth, then where will we go?
Are you food for the Moon? Or are you in the mood for doom?
Furniture moves when I walk into a room
Fuckin' bummer, no armour inside the Hummer
Gotta hug a motherfuckin' Sandbag for cover
I ride on a flatbed chariot, four ostriches carry it
I'm Big Billy Bob Black Angus
From the gutter to the gallows no media coverage
'Cause I don't want it, that's why I'm rarely seen in public
If I were you I wouldn't waste time readin' rubbish
It might turn you into a media puppet, NIGGA LOVER!!!
All cultures come from One Mind
The Universe is not far behind, Waves Bars and Rhymes
Metaphor and Rhyme is poetry by design
But poetry continues outside the timeline
Don't care if I make history, I wanna be a part of INFINITY
You lied to us all in your speech
Symbiotic indeed, the host bleeds
Parasites attach to feed fulfilling antiquated needs
Over The Horizon Radar Rhymes
Patent number 4686605
I've apologized but I can't change who I am
Tried to change the future, can't budge the past
Beautiful longitudinal, musical lyrics
Fragments of Olympian Gossip, that is my vision
If A is a success in life
Then A must equal X plus Y plus Z no doubt
If work equals X and play equals Y
Then Z must be equal to you shuttin' your mouth
Agonizing, the pain of the migraine bitin' my brain
And everything inside it, I can't explain but I am tryin'
From the Kinetic to the Energetic
To the magnetic, ultra, electro, and uncensored resonance
I need to be alone, you cannot comfort me like my poems
THINK SO? You're a talk-show ho
The grown up who showed up drunk with his own cup stoned as fuck
Who can tell me that this poem is luck?
Does it amaze me? "NO!" Does it faze me? Maybe a little yo
Gotta find a way to generate doe
The minerals where they grow determine the stability of the flow
I might get drunk and boast
Williams you gotta go first
"If you say so, HALO", High Altitude always stay low
I approached the podium, and delivered my encomium
Nobody applauded the atmosphere was ominous
They feared I would spit, they don't like when I bust
I need more pain so I can pretend to be tough
1000 Bar race at an unrelentin' pace
Just in case Humans ever get to World War VIII
Food supply low, they speak of goin' above ground to find mo'
I cry out "NO - DO NOT GO!!!"
The window is closin', from the other side it looks like it's openin',
Where am I tryna to go with this?
Only the chosen, find a way out
Everybody move out! Make sure to stay off the main route
Arctic Geography is conducive to Astronomy
And the study of celestial bodies, follow me
A good Psychological environment for science
I'm memorizing and visualizing peace and quiet
Comparative image sharpness between artists
I don't think you know what you're about to get involved in
This is my unacknowledged special access project
Time reversed waves in nonlinear optics
Tunnel borin' and jackin', water main tappin'
I sat there draftin' a new drainage plan laughin'
Scientifically Quantifiable megalomaniacal
Viable style, it's like tryna to ride a Bull
The lyrical inimical is miserable because I've built a citadel
Of syllables that made me invincible
Creatively I have never been to this level
First I'll put you in a sideways 8, then a pretzel
Burn skin off face, burn face off skeletal plate
Plasma Ray Gun is just one explanation
Man Made Membrane roofin' remediation
Any and All entry points have immigration
She asked me if I was followed, I told her I wasn't
I didn't know the spy that sold me out would be my own cousin
"Populace uniformed is a populace of slaves"
Washington didn't say it quite that way
Musically still producin', I got a couple new things cocoonin'
But Poet Laureate is my New Shit!
Pulsating Lights and Sounds surrounds spirits
Bio Oral Beats, layered underneath lyrics
250 thousand cycles per second, for Dolphin hearin'
The Electrical Optical Coupling Gear is effective
I've almost perfected this
I'm one word away from excellence
When I find it I'll begin testin' it
My pupil size increase, constriction and velocity decrease
You can't Emcee take a seat
Wilder than the wilderness, I'm 'bout to show you who wildebeest Williams is
You better be filming this
I proof read my writtens, eat a chicken with the skin missin'
Spend the whole night out binge drinkin'
I rip shit consistent, spit persistent
The sickness, spit with conviction, promote lyrical fitness
I'm lost, which version is this? Mozart
With a flowchart puttin' together parts of an unknown art
Rhymes compartmentalized, seperatized to prevent bootleg Pirates
Be my guest keep tryin'
I'm hooked on Hip-Hop, I can't live without it
You can mix this song a thousand ways I don't doubt it
The Visionary Cell designed my new Lab
Paul Laffoley engineered a magnificent draft
You said "the best shouldn't ask for respect"
Is that correct? Yes, could you please speak up, I SAID YES!
That's not possible, that's sounds completely illogical
You must've been kicked the fuck out of school
You cannot fold under the political pressure
You gotta take prudent and precautionary measures
Four and a half foot beings with big black eyes
Tried to trap me and extract my rhymes, all the time
A Luciferian web, everyday we are buryin' dead
Every color in America bled; this is Empirical evidence
Of the greatest collection of Canibus sentences
You'll never reach the end of it
Fire for effect, smoke out then rest
Give me a wedge formation, roll out like this
I will spare no sin, walk in with a scarecrow grin
Of nothin' on this Planet can dissuade this
They left me dehydrated by the Nile River naked but I made it
With passion of a Microphone Patriot
I did it for my Fathers; I did it for my Mothers and my Brothers
I did it for the world to discover
The head of a Lion, the legs of an Eagle
The wings of a Dragon, and to the people
I hope the words reach you
There is strength in numbers, there is numbers in strength
The ink, I bow before the desert wall of the Sphinx
Into the bottomless pool of Poetry I plunge
1000 Bars from the real Iron Lungs
Everybody bow your heads, say this prayer

"It's all about becoming more..."