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Artist: Canibus & Phoenix Orion
Album:  Def Con Zero
Song:   Venomous Spit (B.K. Anthem)
Typed by: DaSun_Akbar@HotMail.Com

[Movie Sample]
"You become all of a sudden, a mechanical man..."

[Intro: Canibus]
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the K-1 boxing tourney
{(Yo, Black Kobra gon' kill 'em)} {(Yo, that nigga, gon' kill that nigga)}
Introducing Black Kobra, Dewey Cooper, you get fucked like Kama Sutra
All competitors, get ready to get severed

His Guyanese flying knees bust thru pine trees
Cantonese ninth degree, Muy Thai Chi
{(Black Kobra, Black Kobra, Black Kobra, Black Kobra)}

[Verse One: Canibus]
Spellbound jaws, repel down walls
Breach the perimeters, take down four guards
Shut down alarms, disarm all COM's
Nobody moves, nobody get harmed
Bloodshot red-eyes, look like two flares
Zookeeper stay clear; the bear with blue-hair
Stab you in the chest with Satan's bayonette
Darth Vader versus Boba Fett; make a bet
I can go toe-to-toe with cold flows
But I don't go nose-to-nose with no hoes
In the streets lyrically, I provide outreach ministry
For the whole Hip-Hop industry
I'm on some Scorpion King, Morpheus thing
Break your pinkie off with a ring, then offer to sing
Lord of the Rings, on the phone orderin' bling
I'ma clip your wing then bring the coroners in
Your body's numb like, one million scorpion stings
Give me One Mic, and a cup of coffee to drink
All right, watch the word-termite burn a mic
I rhyme circles around niggaz; turn right
First name, Germaine, last name, audio-slave
Hold your breath off my audio wave
Want to be brave? Dump you in a watery grave
My brigade invade like Normandy D-Day
Instant replay, spray your beats with an A.K.
From a sea ray, call the I.A.E.A.
Hey, Jesus, the great Can-I-Bus just
Please us with your lyrical thesis
LL Cool G; Ladies Love Cool Germaine
I swim with 'em in pools of champagne
Perform lyrical Yoga, in a Pagoda
Instruct Malaysian silat special-op soldiers
Look me up if you good enough
I keep a hundred plus rhymes on me homey 'cause I wouldn't bluff
The mic-God, terabyte I-Pod
The rap icon that just stepped out of the white-fog
Guns I move 'em up, run before I shoot 'em up
Man, you fuck, shake ya' hand and order you a tux
Black Kobra...