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Artist: Canibus & Phoenix Orion
Album:  Def Con Zero
Song:   Def Con Zero
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Def Con Zero
Gentlemen, we have just upgraded, from red alert, to dead alert
This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill
Pack the belongings, in the immediate vicinity
and make your way to the shelter
When you get there, ask for GAMMA, OMEGA, DELTA
Def Con Zero

We gotta fight, fight - we gotta spaz, blast
We gotta flow; yo, go Def Con Zero
Fight, fight - we gotta spaz, blast
We gotta flow; yo, go Def Con Zero

[Phoenix Orion]
Kevlar suits, M-16's with the laser beam
God squad supreme, hip-hop SWAT team
Spittin like the force of a bomb, so ring the alarm
We stay armed, cloak'n'dagga this is Def Con
Soundwave transform
Canibus change to the ghetto Megatron arm
Kill these hip-hop robots, we spit hot words to serve nerds
Smoke you like I do my herb, that's my word
Fuck what you heard, it's a hostile takeover
The game is too jiggy and too pretty you need a makeover
You ain't Hova, or your rap career is over
Weapon exchange at dark creates a supernova
This is Def Con, we gon' drop the bomb
You muh'fuckers won't get us like you got Sadaam
Got you rattin niggaz shook up, they can't stay calm
Stop drop and roll nigga, hit the fire alarm
The fire is armed, burnin like a towerin inferno
Commander Canibus transmitted to me from {?}
Oh shit, here we go, gotta fight, gotta flow
Gotta spaz, gotta blast, nigga that's your ass!


Yo, step into the land of the metronome man
Click, click-click BANG, suicide again
Black army boots like {?} crew
True parlez vous, I'ma test the Charley troop
I'm the walkin, talkin, Stephen Hawking
DNA genes were auctioned for genius offspring
Bust a nigga G. Rap style, back him down
Gamma Omega Delta make mushroom clouds
On stage with massive shrouds, we capture the crowd
On festival grounds, 200 decibels loud
Alchemist calculate the calculus, climb through the mountain mist
Then drink from the fountain of spit
It's like liquid wasabe, a pool shark swimmin in sake
And Inoki tried to psychically block me
The rhyme author silent partner, in the back of the Phantom
My girl performs at the opera, I'm about to join her
To battle {?} mortician in the mortuary
Talkin friendly, coughin heavy, pourin Henny
Quadrophonic, macho hot shit, hello
I'm in the bayou, crawlin through croc shit


Industrial strength, never fuck with the cousin of death
Eyes open, wide scopin, check
Fuck a bling I got 8-2 {?} with a sling
Stand far away from the door when it bring
War of the Worlds part two on you
What'chu gon' do when we lock and load troop
Shoot, lay a hundred down with one dummy round
Thuggery style, bloody ground, fuck your money now
Def Con Zero, who the fuck didn't get the memo?
Kick your best flow, let's go

[Chorus] - 2X

(We're going to jump right into target two)