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Artist: Canibus
Album:  2000 B.C.
Song:   Mic-Nificent
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Yo, sittin on chrome, sittin on low pro 20 inch firestones
Grippin the road with the wickedest flow, 'Bis is a pro
I zigzag throughout sly loam
Accelerate and decelerate in and out the cones 
Poisonous poems travel through walkman headphones
Into your dome Osteoperosis your bones,
Who's the nicest nigga you know in the year two triple-oh 
Spit turn to icicles in the mid air and slit your throat
Drain your carcass dry rip out your heart bitch
I write rhymes using your blood for my ink cartridges
Paleoanthropologists, polish the bones 
of rapper artist after I dip in my hydrochloric waters
Canibus, with the seams burstin, perfect
Everyday the earth spins I write verses
My soul purpose as a verbalist, is to make my words twist 
and connect like letters when they're in cursive
Chorus: repeat 4X

I'll pray on them, spray on them
First nigga to violate I'll regulate without warning

Yo, Yo, I'm faster than leopards running across the vast desert 
In twenty-two yards per second to catch me to daily delicatessen 
With thirty minutes to eat'em, forty minutes to digest 'em 
And fifty minutes for it to pass through my intestines 
So ask yourself a question - can the Canibus rhyme? 
Is a fuckin porcupine half swine? 
No time to make up your mind, you wanna run or die?
Clip you while you're running by, trip you up from behind 
My rhymes, confuse niggas like somebody try to gang-bang 
wearin a blue shirt and red pants, 
throwin up signs with their left hand 
Standin out on the corner of wetlands 
with a confederate flag for a headband 
God dam eggplants, niggas gettin me vexed man 
Cause I'm surrounded by garbage like Fred Sav 
and I can't seem to get away from it 
I dreamed that I stabbed Leviathan through the stomach, and ate from it
In my past life I slayed hundreds, and in the life before that 
I played trumpets, to warn you that I was comin
There's one billion ways to die, and I already tried 
nine-hundred million nine hundred and ninety nine 
When I aim and fire my rhymes, like a hundred cannon balls flying 
Striking you one at a time, in a parallel line 
Why the art of emceein is steady dyin
That nigga Canibus is still in his prime, bust a rhyme

Chorus: repeat 4X

I'll pray on them, spray on them
First nigga to violate I'll regulate without warning

Club Dodge, I wrecked that
Limelight, cursed that
Envy, I murdered that
Club SoHo, never heard of that
Wetlands, dried it up
Cheaters, decided to club, fired up
looking for a chicken to tie up
Club New York, I heard it's hot there
beats be rocking there
Too many niggaz be getting stabbed and shot there
Speed, I slowed it down
The Tunnel, they hold it down
Home of the underground, why they always close it down
Century club, the hot shit
House of Blues, I rocked it
One twelve ATL, that's the Dirty South bomb shit
Synagogue, yeah I be there
Caribbean City, roll deep there
Lyricist Lounge, they be some real emcees there
there there {*fades out*}