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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   When I'm With You

my mind it feel so right girl when I'm with you
not feeling nicer when I'm with you
your love it gets me high girl when I'm with you
Damn girl its exciting when I'm with you

She my girl. Been down for years
Stuck by my side when I lost my peers
Always there a supportive had
It puts pain in my heart thinking back how I used to do her
Just a confused boy headed down the wrong path
My parents died when I was young. had no guidance
no true plan in my life
But she was always there to make it all right. it felt OK to cry
She used to take me by the hand we'd go on walks
She'd just talk with her soothing voice
Staring at me in my eyes.It felt so nice
I'd make plans. mostly just to break them
couldn't get away from the streets and the
pain in my life
I was so goofy cause she could just take it all away
I'm just surprised she still here to this day
I know she truly loves me
At least some one is watching out for me


When I felt I was at world end she took me in
not to mother me but to be my wifey. lost in my childish ways
Didn't know that's what she wanted but that's what we've become
If it wasn't for her id be in the slums
She ain't no gold digger looking for money
Just a girl that understands and truly loves me
That hard to find. A woman with heart
Luck I met her in my youth. We've grown together
Gonna get old together
Ain't nothing no better that this girl by my side
I know many people who tried but they can't find it
I tell them it just comes. It don't go
Don't worry about them fakes stick with the right one and it will pay off bro
and to my girl I just want to let you know I love you thanks