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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Society

Stuck in a world where I've grown emotionless
Just so cold
Scared to show feelings don't want to give leeway
Scared to love cause of the he say she say
I just expect it.... To lose it all in the end
Past haunted of good memories. Is this why they changed?
Cause they envy me... A lifetime of hate towards me
Will karma come in my afterlife? 
I can just imagine. thinking that's why my enemies haven't took me out
I'm just stuck in misery many thoughts in my head got me going nuts
scared to speak my true feeling and be labeled crazy
Must be what they want. Don't want to see me on top
Throwing dirt on my name
But Calvin can't be stopped
I just can't believe they put their dope down
for a few, to talk shit! It's amazing
They just hating cause they whole crew can't accomplish
what I one man's done
But now I got a team. Prepare for the take over

97% of these fucks use my name for fame
If it wasn't for that they wouldn't be in the game
Aim't got no shame
Looking like a bum on the corner, begging for change
Get your own credability, I got goals!
I remember all the fakes the phony all up in my shit
My life! you don't know me
You just talk to people I barely associate with
Late nights I light a spliff trying to calm my nerves
(all the drama in the world must be why I'm couscous to get close to another)
{I consider myself a lover but everyday I'm at war, a soldier in God's eyes}
It takes one man to change history
I pray please let me reach the nation
2012 is coming around soon, heed the word and change
cause we headed for doom
Dreams haunted of a world of chaos and terror
Waking up alone so what its there to be scared of?
No love. No friends. so, there's no way to get hurt
the only promise in life is to be laying in the dirt
People calming I'm shady. I am. But in a different definition
Just sit back relax and calm your nerves
No stress
No drama
I try to keep it that way
giving nothing but love, and still I got a whole army hating on me
but fuck yall
punk bitches