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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Put it Down 4 the Block

Still sporting that redskins hat to the left
Still smoking bud, People still begging me for cigarettes
Dude back at it. spitting it ill
Sporting Chuck Taylor's and on the block. Yea the pimping's real
And not one younes can touch it. End of discussion
They call me chief. I keep my own style. People think I'm wild
That top-dog life of the party get the girls to smile
The truth you pretend. No game its natural. doing what I do
Quit that roll playing realest on the scene
dude smash a flow and kick another
In your mind I know you thinking that motherfucker
The most hated I represent it
I know the girls love me if not then I'd be a fool
I'm old school keep studying like some beggars old busters raggedy
you can't get at me

Still got it ain't coming off it. Boss in this
something mean ain't shy I represent
Smoking grits and herb. Making that cash quick
Track after track, Hit after hit
Bustin back with it. keep ya movin
I know you love it that's why I keep coming with it
Lovely with it. I keep my rep
what youns forgot about being bout it
I'm still thuggin forever. old school fans
like God damn that dude still putting it down