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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   My Feelings

You where the one talking about thug for life
now you sitting at home with ya kids and ya wife
I'm still keeping it G
introduced me to the life of crime
now you asking what the fuck is wrong with me
saying the shot needs to stop you sounding like ya pops
when we'd get suited and booted
with the bandannas ready to do it
13 and shit a young bad ass committing the crime
and screaming prove it with the blunt in my hand
feeling invincible just picking up that glock and popping off them shots
drinking till we sober and talking about how we wanted to go out when we died
cause I know deep down in they hearts
they knew I would be the on who keep it alive
cause it made me feel alive to have that thugging feeling inside
when from school text books to pulling out techs
to those who gave dirty looks and getting fucked up
and beating those up who wasn't down on my block
paranoid of the law if they chase me I wont stop
I know I'm wrong in life and I scheme to get buy
you got me in to this and now I don't know why

you lost that thugging feeling, ooo o that thugging feeling
you lost that thugging feeling now it gone, gone, gone
wooo ooo o ooo ooo

I took you in gave you close and half my meals
growing up said we'd be down for life just showing you I was real
showed me the ropes when I was young made me feel tough
now you having tough times so I helped you felt it was my duty
but look now how you do me stealing my shit to trade it to get your fix
you probably even pulled some trick
sucking a mans dick to hit that glass dick that's some shit
what was once my role model and close homie
I'm wanting them to be a stranger so in the future he don't know me
so lonely so confuse no where to turn to
this life style is so fucked up got me fucked up where'd I go wrong, my life
or was it my fault I thought it would be something
that would make me feel proud thinking about all the stuff
now I'm having doubts I'm over it I just want you
so what are my homies saying now?

[Chorus] - 2X