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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Make Me Feel Real

you make me feel like I need a lil something in my lif
every day we holding it down and we kicking it tonight
alright and don't you know every moment that I spend with you
there is no better got me fiending for your body next to mine
let this player lay you down one time
you that lil some thing in my life

shes what I was missing
what I was picturing at first glance
now we kick it every day its truly something special
love making erotic let your mind drift just good time you the one I'm with
and who I call when I'm lonely a match no one got us together is just worked
got you thinking I'm your soul mate but I just fit the character
you know me no longer lonely still nights at home but got you by my side
keep it true and hold it down got me in check
she my mate no need for another unless she feeling freaky
then she call her best friend that she been knowing
a woman of many mans dreams right before my eyes and here for me
at first glance I was cautious I know how her type can be
so I took it slow and the love did grow
in both of us accepted by both circles of friends
no back stabbers no rumors spread a feel good vibe
a woman just so perfect


she got me fiending for her
no longer numb
this thug loving go deep open the door to my heart feelings I'm my life once again
my prayer answered she heaven sent I don't want her to leave
was once cold hearted but now a man thinking about approaching her on bended knee
i got the ring just need the nerve to ask is this to fast what do I have to lose
nothing everything else I loved is gone
i just don't want her to slip threw my hands
the world is different but she old fashioned in her ways
not the player type you find in these times
just a woman with good morals and she fine
she shine got that glow to her skin others attempt but I got her on lock
not from pressure its how I treat her how'd I meet her
it just by chance she like my romance
and just how I bring it to the table bed and the sink
yea girl what you think

[Chorus] - 2X