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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Luv Thug

Wide open. Them leg's when you bring it to papi
The realest MC them others is imitating. not copies
You know I'm known to bring it to you all night
hitting it raw like my lyrics with a passion
Baby stare me in my eyes
That skirt you got on make a brother like me rise
just fiendin for that sweet gushy girl give me that good
You know just how I like it wet knowing I can get you there
old school thug you know I ain't scared
Got no reason to be shy. The star of my city
Doing so good the hater know me well
But I keep the pimping. I just cant fail
Make em see the fire in my eyes girl, my ears burning for you
Lets get together on that so-lo tip one on one
If you got a man skip that drama
You know I could do you better
I got that silk rug bring them pumps. you know I'm a freak
And can flip my tongue crazy. Lady let me lay you down

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
That thug Calvin in the house tonight
That thug Calvin on the rise tonight
That thug Calvin fin to hit that ass right girl
That thug Calvin in the house tonight

When I come around you know you happy when you see me
the freshest cat. hat to the left and back
Imagine that someone street like me and high-class like you
Be my baby for live shit you know I'm true
I stay down don't you love how I dick you
Its in the way you moan
Keep me coming back and got you blowing up my phone
No late night conversations cause you know we making love
Slip me that tongue you so hot you my life's climax
Ya sweet spot ill grind that. Gentle
You so fine to me
if I did the things I wanted to do to you you think I was mental
Hoping you knowing I'm waiting with Patience and you so quick to cum
the pussy I don't want to leave it
Got you thinking how this skinny dude hit it so good
its in my stature you not my dream you real
Something sweet get to rocking in the bed
no hesitation she roll with it late night and early like a thief
She still give me the pussy. she know how I like it

[Chorus] - 2X

Your body is banging baby. So electric
Turning me on. Got me wanting to touch
Lets do it for the love or the lust
As long as there is trust we can stick together
If not then what ever
Tell me what you expect. It ain't getting no better
Could with some slow sex
I know you want it could see threw the smile and the squint in your eye
I'm not suppressed. It comes to me baby
Will you last? I cant get enough
You got the right attitude and a big ass
Got me begging, But at a distance
Ain't always in your face. I know when to chill
This is your boy speaking to you
I ain't like them begging chumps. They trash
I know you love it I'm a lil bit ornery but coming with come class
I'm proper

[Chorus] - 2X