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Artist: Calvin Crabtree
Album:  Trading Love And War Stories
Song:   Let Me Tell You About My New Love

I was used to being used
That was the norm till I went crazy like Jim and rode out with the storm
It broke my heart to watch her leave
But bet it was something that I needed
I was stuck on a love truly blind
Cause it was a love that I never really had in fact
Felt so cold but got the fire burning in my heart
I desire a love that's gonna last
not these hoes that don't know how to act
where to start couldn't
tell true love come at funny times as do the unfaithful
Why she open that gate for how I get in the snake hole?
Just one question
Who you so fake yo?
I servin' 'em soft
I scream I hate you
Looking back now I meant every word that I said
I love you so much and you don't even treat me
Just toss me away nothin
How'd you get so heartless
How'd we get so far with this?

nothing left I done for got you you a cute bitch
but I ain't talking about hot
I ain't trying to hear it its just a big cycle
of me being sweet and you going psycho
got a new girl now one I want to spend my life and time with
one to want to make me write a deep love song to spit
nothing left I done moved on yea you a lil fine
but you just do me wrong its just a big cycle
of me being sweet and you going psycho (x 1)

The way she do me ain't nothing like you
I feel like I'm feeling the breeze in the summer time
fuck you
Me and her
Its so nice
So sweet
Compared to her
You just a strait up creep and you don't even keep it on the DL
All my niggaz can tell
Well.. Hell.. I can't lie
Trying to find love in you is like hunting a snipe
She my love in life
Got me loving life
Now I'm living in it
What I wanted from the beginning
It's a new day
New feeling, With her chilling at the park getting chiefed like Bob Marley
Me think she do me wrong? not hardly
Its like we on mount Zion Living that good live G.
Now you like some Nikes and she like them Chucks
Always stuck on me here to stay
She my baby and I love her
Ain't like no other that's been with this south central thugster


Nothing lefty to say I'm in mint condition
I keep the pimping and my girl by my side
It fills me with pride
This Eastsider boy who had nothing she gave me her all
Unlike you you just so fake
A lot girls look just like you
What ya click pass on them games? I done manned up I'm tough
Sweet as fuck and nothing but when it comes to the lady's
Little something special when it comes to her tho
Cause she my girl
She there.She care.
Put a smile on my face when she come around here